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Knowledge Management: Knowledge Sharing Skills Everyone Can Master

Knowledge Management: Knowledge Sharing Skills Everyone Can Master

Author: Klever

Category: Online Business Training > Customer Service

Knowledge Sharing 101: How to get 35-50% more out of your support team with the people and technology you already have. Following the application of the information and techniques in this class across your team will also enable you to shorten by up to 70% the time it takes to get new members of t...

Keywords: productivity, knowledge, knowledge sharing, knowledge management, Information, information sharing, information exchange, info, exchange, Scale, Know, smart, clever, Klever, Competency, time to competency,

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Table of Contents:

The course components:
What is the problem?
Why should we share more?
3 short case studies
What to do in easy steps
Comprehension check
Wrap up


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Mike Hales Mike Hales said:

Well structured but a little too lightweight – not what I was expecting

posted over 3 years ago
Thomas Hansson Thomas Hansson said:

Good course in an important subject.

posted over 4 years ago
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