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Income Statement Secrets Revealed

Income Statement Secrets Revealed

Author: Dan Strongin, ASQ CMQ/OE

Category: Online Business Training > Management

Income Statement Secrets Revealed is an online training course designed to revolutionize the way you look at data. With this training course, you’ll learn to avoid the pain of trying to decipher columns and rows packed with data. Wasting resources on things that appear to be worthwhile, you lose ...

Keywords: Income Statement Secrets Revealed, online training course, training course

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Table of Contents:

Module One: Who, What, Why Introduction
Module Two: Financial Statement Primer, Short and Sweet!
Module Three: What is this Report Trying to Tell Me?
Module Four: Flawed Averages and Percents
Module Five: The Foible of Limited Comparisons
Module Six: Ruth, Mantle, Maris, Bonds or Aaron?
Module Seven: How to Go Beyond the Rear View Mirror

Included Modules:
  • Who, What, Why Introduction

    Who, What, Why Introduction This module is an introduction to the course "Income Secrets Revealed", a companion course and precursor to the comprehensive "Understand, Predict, and Make More Money" Time is Precious Working hard IN a business, time to work ON it, to improve it, is hard to come by. When you find time, h... more

  • Financial Statement Primer, Short and Sweet

    Financial Statement Primer, Short and Sweet Demystifying with humor the Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet (if accounting can be humorous), a short primer on the basics of two of the three main reports in GAAP, or Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Written for non-accountants who have to run things, and want to bone up on t... more

  • What Is This Report Trying to Tell You?

    What Is This Report Trying to Tell You? Flat Two Dimensional Tables of Data Provide No Context Why the common reports like the P&L do not provide context, are hard to connect with what really happened, or in other words, how can you know without enough context. All data, to be transformed into information, must be presented in c... more

  • Flawed Averages and Percents

    Flawed Averages and Percents Tragicomic Flaws that Can Put You Out of Business Averages and Percentages, the primary measures of comparison, are relied on when looking at financial reports. We look at the report, find the percentage that seems the most out of line, or most remarkable, then look at the average and compare ... more

  • The Foible of Limited Comparisons

    The Foible of Limited Comparisons Limited Comparisons and Single Datapoints How single datapoints, or just a few in a table do not provide enough context to make good, actionable decisions and can easily lead you astray.

  • Ruth, Mantle, Maris, Bonds, or Aaron?

    Ruth, Mantle, Maris, Bonds, or Aaron? Who Really is the Greatest? The answer will surprise you. This module uses the game of baseball to clearly demonstrate the advantages of visual reports in trying to understand the meaning trapped in reports, in context, to allow clear, rapid verifiable and actionable understanding. And it is fun! more

  • How to Go Beyond the Rear View Mirror

    How to Go Beyond the Rear View Mirror How to leave backwards looking reports behind and turn your eyes to the present and future, so you can observe, analyze, predict, and manage better.