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Supervision Basics

Supervision Basics

Author: Vado Inc.

Category: Online Management/Leadership Training > Leadership

Managers learn the supervision skills needed when they are responsible for guiding the performance of others. Management Development Learning Track: Bud to Boss Toolkit, Supervision Basics, Management Essentials, Managing for Success

Keywords: Supervision Basics

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Table of Contents:

Three Month Work Objectives
Assist Employees Facing Challenges
Team and Company Policies
Know Your Employees
Know Who’s Really Contributing
Involving Others in Problem Solving
Know Your Team’s Experience and Background
Work-Life Balance for the Team

Included Modules:
  • Three Month Work Objectives

    Three Month Work Objectives   "To successfully achieve great results, employees must know what they need to deliver both in the short and the long-term. When employees are clear on their work priorities, they can focus on the right work and positively contribute to the team and organization goals. Without goal clarity, e... more

  • Assist Employees Facing Challenges

    Assist Employees Facing Challenges   "Your employees look to you for guidance, help, and support in difficult situations. While it may seem at times this is all you do, it is part of the job. An important aspect of any manager’s role is to help navigate challenges and obstacles with employees. While you shouldn’t solve for ever... more

  • Team and Company Policies

    Team and Company Policies   "It’s important your team understands the value and importance of company policies and is committed to adhering to the rules. When team members disregard policies, it can create stress and tension between various co-workers, as well as inefficiencies and larger problems down the road. Taking... more

  • Know Your Employees

    Know Your Employees   "There are a number of factors that are important at work. Among them are work we love to do, a team we enjoy working with, and resources to do our job well. In addition, we want a great supervisor, one who sets clear expectations, trusts us to do a great job, and stands up for us when neede... more

  • Know Who's Really Contributing

    Know Who's Really Contributing "Satisfaction with one’s job and company is not easy to define. Many experts have spent time thinking about what leads to satisfaction at work, and while they may not all agree, they do agree that work satisfaction is different for different people. While as a manager you don’t have to be an expe... more

  • Involving Others in Problem Solving

    Involving Others in Problem Solving   "As a manager, your employees are looking to you to set the tone and create an environment in which individuals are included in problem solving and think through difficult issues. You can make a significant difference by taking the lead and making an effort to ask others for their thoughts a... more

  • Know Your Team's Experience and Background

    Know Your Team's Experience and Background   "Any team, no matter how similar everyone may seem, are different in many ways. Team members have different experiences, various skills and capabilities, and have a variety of perspectives. All of these differences create a team with a wide range of skills, insights, and problem solving capa... more

  • Work-Life Balance for the Team

    Work-Life Balance for the Team   "Work-life balance is often a core need for many team members. Having the ability to deliver great work as well as meet personal commitments is a must for some people to stay engaged in their work, as well as stay in their jobs and with the company. Without good work-life balance, many peopl... more

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