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Author: Dino Eliadis
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Calculating Your Revenue Engine's Horsepower-Course 
Author: Dino Eliadis
Category: Online Business Training > Management
CEU credits: N/A
Keywords: Operations, sales, marketing, Management, metrics

The purpose of this program is to walk you through the critical calculations to more effectively manage your business and make better decisions maximizing your profitability.


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Table of Contents:

Define our view of the revenue engine.
Understand why you work the numbers backwards.
Review the critical values of your revenue cycle.
Introduce a simple process for calculating the values.
Calculate the revenue capacity of your business.
Use the information in strategic decision making.


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Included Packages:
9649 Calculating Your Revenue Engine's Horsepower
This quick and easy course is designed to help you make better business decisions that… MAXIMIZE PROFITS INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVE REVENUE GROWTH This course will show you how to calculate the key performance indicators for your business to help you in finding areas to reduce c... ... more ...


Calculating Your Revenue Engine's Horsepower - Workbook

Contains all the slides contained in the video for use during the video and later reference.

90 KB
Success Planning Worksheet

The worksheet containing all the relevant calculations explained in the video to use to calculate your company's revenue engine horsepower.

16.19 KB
Revenue Engine Performance Analysis - Report Example

An example report showing the information contained in the Revenue Engine Performance Analyzer Report for the example shown throughout the video.

90 KB