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How to "Visualize" Reports to Better Understand, Predict and Manage (Full 12 month license)

Author: Dan Strongin, ASQ CMQ/OE

Category: Online Business Training > Management

How to transform every day business data trapped in columns and rows into simple to grasp, visual operational reports in real time, an effective tool for seeing what matters for the overall management of the business. This version is under a three month license, allowing enough time to take the c...

Keywords: Accounting, finance, startup, entrepreneurial, how to keep the books, how to profit loss, problem solving, how to analyze data, sole proprietor, business, Excel, financial, starting a business, business analysis, small business business intelligence, Management, How to "Visualize" Reports to Better Understand, Predict and Manage (Full 12 month license)

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Table of Contents:

Introductory Review
Cookin’ the Books
Review of Income Statements Revealed
Review Single Datapoints and Limited Comparisons
Hurtin’ to Learn
Pele vs Messi in Football, the one played with the foot!
How our Humanity Trips us up
Nature Varies
Signals and Noise
Shewhart’s Rules for Presenting Data Visually
Real Life Examples
Changing Glasses
Finding the Meaning in 30 Minutes or Less with Pencil and Paper
Learn by Copying Along, an Old But Effective Method
Working with Excel
More Practice with Excel
By Hand vs. Computer Smackdown
Turning your eyes to the Road in Front of You
More Excel-ent Examples
Working in iWork’s Numbers
Thermometer Allegory
More Exercises
Even More Exercises
Seasonal and Other Effects
Setting up and Effective Operational Report
Setting up and Effective Operational Report Two
Understanding in an Instant
A Project
Further Reading

Included Modules:
  • 39318


  • 39317

    Introductory Review

  • 39319

    Cookin' the Books? An Introduction to me, what you will need to do to maximize your investment in this course, and what you can expect from me.

  • 39400

    Review of Income Statement Secrets Revealed A review of the free course, precursor to this course on the basics of turning Income Statements and other reports created to count, into easy to understand, actionable tools in real time to help produce and sell the things counted more effectively. Includes a review of the most important financi... more

  • 39251

    Review Single Datapoints and Limited Comparisons Why limited comparisons and single datapoints muddle understanding, with lots of examples.

  • 39255

    Hurt'n to Learn

  • 39252

    Pele vs. Messi in Football, the one played with the foot! Parlaying the baseball presentation in the precursor course, Income Statement Secrets, you will join me as I dig into the controversy over who was the best goal scorer in their first 8 years in football, what in the US is called Soccer. Both Pelé and Messi are monster players, and what will be le... more

  • 39253

    How Our Humanity Trips Us Up What science explains about how we are not that logical after all, and why we so easily find connections in data that may not be there in the real world, and other suprising truths. Human beings like a sure thing, Nature likes complexity;we humans want a single answer that works, Nature provides ... more

  • 39254

    Nature varies All work is done in processes, and involves material things. (even electricy is material). The behavior of processes is limited by natural law, which conflicts with human nature, and our aims. The little known but essential law of nature they didn't teach you in school is variation. It profoundly... more

  • 39256

    Signals and Noise

  • 39701

    Shewhart's Rules for Presenting Data Visually A short sweet to the point pdf presenting Dr. Shewharts rules for the visual presentation of data. Great stuff, really useful. Too many Data presentations fall in love with what the technology can do, and confuse the heck out of anyone trying to understand the meaning in the data.

  • 39258

    Real Life Examples From a doctor's office, a deli, a hospital, a hotel and more... even how to use to greatly enhance the use of a treatment of a girl with allergies. Nothing speaks more than real examples from people just like you!

  • 39259

    Changing Glasses A short but sweet call to action.

  • 39261

    Finding the Meaning In 30 minutes or Less with Pencil and Paper "All you need is 30 minutes and a pencil and paper to get what you need from the data..." W.E. Deming We begin DOING, using the UNcomputer...

  • 39262

    Learn by Copying Along, an Old But Effective Method In the olde apprenticeships, you learned by standing side by side and working with a journeyman to learn. Repetition and the chance to observe, helped the learning sink in deeper. The Khan Academy created something simiar with their way of teaching, mimic'd in this module. It is one thing to know... more

  • 39263

    Working with Excel

  • 39264

    More Practice with Excel

  • 39265

    By Hand vs. Computer Smack Down An Uncomputer vs Computer smack down! Which is faster, which goes deeper, which do you prefer?

  • 39266

    Turning Your Eyes to The Road in Front of You Management is Prediction. Without a theory you learn nothing, and the best you can do is 50/50, right today, wrong tomorrow: but armed with an understanding of the process behavior, once you get it running smoothly, you can reliably predict and thereby make the best possbile managment decisions.

  • 39267

    More Excel-ent Examples

  • 39268

    Working in iWork Numbers

  • 39269

    Thermometer Allegory What makes a household thermometer useful is it tells you if you have temperature and need to call the doctor, or not. It is a very simple tool, hardly precise, but good enough to do the job and save you a lot of money in Doctor's bills, or save your life if you really are sick. It can't tell you... more

  • 39270


  • 39271

    More Exercizes

  • 39272

    Even More Exercizes...

  • 39273

    Seasonal and Other Effects A look at more advanced work using a simple, affordable program from the Deming Collaboration Website, allowing you to look at seasonal and other effects without having to create a new chart every time. A great tool for understanding businesses like retail, agriculture, or any other business that... more

  • 39274

    Setting Up an Effective Operational Report What a true Operational Report Looks like: Creating the charts needed for a more or less universal report that measures how well your whole business is running, and lets you get a clear picture, in real time, of the health of your business operationally, and how well you are managing your TRUE... more

  • 39275

    Setting Up an Effective Operational Report Two Taking the charts and formatting them into the complete report.

  • 39276

    Understanding in an INSTANT! The application of the report created in the last two modules, to create instant, relevant, effective understanding in a way you could never dream of doing when seeing only in two dimensions as in the common financial reports.

  • 39277

    A Project... What to do with your newly found time from your newly acquired knowledge: build a better system... in this case an ordering system as an example.

  • 39278

    Connectedness The importance of how things inter-relate.

  • 39279

    Further Reading

  • 39297

    Congrats! An inspirational slap on the back... just for you...

  • Icon-pdf
  • Rubric or Cheatsheet on Formula for Calculating the Limits

    A cheatsheet, rubric or memory aid so you can calculate the limits of predictability on the charts.... hey, even Einstein was quoted as saying, "I never try to remember what I can write down."

  • 443.97 KB
  • Icon-pdf
  • Formula or Recipe for Describing Process Behavior

    Recipes may be for beginners, but boy do they help, and even the experts consult them. Use this until you don't need to anymore to describe a process behavior...

  • 157.31 KB
  • Icon-pdf
  • How the charts separate the signals from the noise

    From the most authoritative voice on process control and the application of statistics to everyday business problems, this article explains how and why the charts work, in case you are curious.