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Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety 
Author: Convergence Training
Category: Online Health Training > Health and Safety
CEU credits: N/A
Keywords: compressed, Air, systems, Compression, Pressure, temperature, volume, guage, absolute, Quality, PSI, cylinder, storage, transportation, installation, missile, hazard, regulator, needle, DOT, tank, bottled gases, color coding, CGA

Prepare yourself and your team to work safely with and around compressed gas cylinders. This DVD describes compressed gas cylinders and how they are commonly used. Use this training module to raise awareness about potential hazards and learn best practices for storage, transport, installation, and use of compressed gas cylinders. Missile hazards and types of compressed gases are also discussed.

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Table of Contents:

-Learning Objectives
-Physical Description
-Potential Hazards
-Physical Hazards
-Missile Hazard
-Chemical Hazard - Inert Gas
-Chemical Hazards - Flammable Gas
-Chemical Hazards - Toxic Gas
-Best Practices - Storage
-Best Practices - Transport
-Best Practices - Installation
-Best Practices - Use
-Best Practices - Empties
-Gas Welding Equipment
-Lesson Completed
-Knowledge Test


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