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Lead Awareness 
Author: Convergence Training
Category: Online Health Training > Health and Safety
CEU credits: N/A
Keywords: LEAD, exposure, Detection, PPE, prevention, inhalation, ingestion, pipes, paint, gasoline, batteries, EPA, OSHA, PEL, workplace

Before you cut, grind, or burn through any painted surface at work or at home, better make sure you know what you're dealing with. Protect yourself and your team from unintentional lead exposure with this computer-based training module that defines what lead is and provides information on its history and usage, reduction efforts, lead exposure, effects, detection and treatment, personal protective equipment (PPE), and prevention methods.

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Table of Contents:

-Overview and Description
-History and Usage
-Lead Reduction Efforts
-Permissible Exposure Limits (PEL)
-Level Detection and Treatment
-Exposure Prevention - Substance Elimination
-Exposure Prevention - Engineering Controls
-Exposure Prevention - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
-Exposure Prevention - Administrative Controls
-Lesson Completed
-Knowledge Test


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