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Helping Your Child Get Through Your Divorce with Success

Author: Teresa Trower

Category: Online Health Training > Other

Are you divorced, divorcing, or planning a divorce? Are you concerned about possible negative effects on your child? Do you wish there was a roadmap to help you empower your children?   This course is designed for you if you are either divorced, planning to divorce, or simply want to ...

Keywords: divorce, parenting

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Included Modules:
  • 74694

    Divorce Lecture 1- Breaking the News to Your Children This lecture is for parents who are in the planning stages of divorce. You’ll learn how to allay your children’s fears about the divorce.

  • 74695

    Divorce Lecture 2- How Getting Along with Your Ex Helps Your Child This lecture explains which actions are predictive of divorce, how arguing affects your children, and how to protect their self- esteem.

  • 74696

    Divorce Lecture 3- How To Reduce Your Child's Anxiety This lecture addresses your child’s greatest fears, and the best ways to reassure your children. You’ll  discover what your child most needs to hear from you.

  • 74697

    Divorce Lecture 4- Your Child's Most Influential Role Model In this lecture, you’ll learn the primary ways in which you influence your child. It highlights the behaviors that lower your child’s self-esteem.  

  • 74698

    Divorce Lecture 5- Who Is Taking Care of You? In this lecture, you’ll learn practical ways to take care of your own mental, physical, and spiritual health.

  • 74699

    Divorce Lecture 6- Staying Positive in Your Communication with your Child In this lecture, you’ll learn the “do’s and don’ts” when discussing your ex with your child.

  • 74700

    Divorce Lecture 7- Successfully Navigating Dating and Remarriage This lecture teaches you how to help your children when you re-enter the dating world or decide to re-marry. You’ll learn a proven method for empowering your kids, as well as the benefits of a second marriage.

  • 74701

    Lecture 8- Why Your Child's Temperament Matters In this lecture, you’ll decide if your child is an introvert or extrovert, and why that matters. You’ll discover the ways in which temperament affects your child’s home, school, and future career. You’ll identify the core values you’d like to pass on to your child.