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Author: Boss CBT
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Home - Marketplace - Information Technology - Networking - Intro IP Addressing (Part 1)
Intro IP Addressing (Part 1) 
Author: Boss CBT
Category: Online Information Technology Training > Networking
CEU credits: N/A
Keywords: ccna ccent cisco subnet

This is where your IP addressing training should begin! Start with the fundamentals in this lecture to build a solid foundation for the intricate world of IP addressing and subnetting. The CCNA and CCENT exams require you to know IP addressing and we'll show you how it's done!

In this first of 22 lessons on IP addressing you'll:

  • Know what an IP address is and its purpose
  • Be familiar with the terms IPv4 and IPv6
  • Be familiar with the terms bits and bytes
  • Be familiar with decimal and binary IP address expression
Table of Contents:

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