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Author: Eidam & Partner
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Cross-cultural training "Germany" 
Author: Eidam & Partner
Category: Online Languages Training > German
CEU credits: N/A
Keywords: cross cultural communication, germany business, intercultural communication, expats germany, international communication, culture germany, communication germany, cultural germany, germany training, expat germany, expatriate germany, german

With the help of our eLearning-module, we can prepare your non-German participants for contact with German colleagues, members of staff as well as business partners. Our web-based training contains deep knowledge about communication styles and cross-cultural values of Germans. With our eLearning tool, your intercultural contact will be optimized in a way that you can operate with less communication problems and with a maximum of efficiency in the future.


made in germany

Given the fact that our products were designed by cross-cultural experts from Germany itself, we are not just able to offer you interactive, sustainable and effective learning, but also up-to-date information from your target country.



- Depending on the user: 12 hours

- Of course, our eLearning module can always be halted and continued at a later point of time.


included elements

One license includes the right to the module "Germany" for 365 days, all updates, support by our service team, digital lecture notes as well as the possibility to take our final examination including an official certificate of attendance.

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Table of Contents:

Germany 101: geography | religion | economy | politics | history | population

Communication: the most important cultural values and norms of Germany | basic rules of communication | dos and don'ts for your personal contact with Germans | giving and receiving feedback the right way | remote communication with Germans [e-mail, phone and internet] | being perceived as a good communicator

Doing business with Germans: meetings | presentations | human resources management | team skills | dealing with German customers | business etiquette | communication styles | leadership styles | project management | negotiations

Private life in Germany: What do I have to expect when I come to Germany? | being in a German restaurant | private invitations | differences between business and private life | building of trust | introduction to the German language | civil service and social actions


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