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Cross-cultural training "Germany"

Author: Eidam & Partner

Category: Online Languages Training > German

With the help of our eLearning-module, we can prepare your non-German participants for contact with German colleagues, members of staff as well as business partners. Our web-based training contains deep knowledge about communication styles and cross-cultural values of Germans. With our eLearning ...

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Table of Contents:

Germany 101: geography | religion | economy | politics | history | population

Communication: the most important cultural values and norms of Germany | basic rules of communication | dos and don'ts for your personal contact with Germans | giving and receiving feedback the right way | remote communication with Germans [e-mail, phone and internet] | being perceived as a good communicator

Doing business with Germans: meetings | presentations | human resources management | team skills | dealing with German customers | business etiquette | communication styles | leadership styles | project management | negotiations

Private life in Germany: What do I have to expect when I come to Germany? | being in a German restaurant | private invitations | differences between business and private life | building of trust | introduction to the German language | civil service and social actions


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