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Home - Marketplace - Legal/Law - Continuing Legal Education - Tennessee Tort "Reform": What Changes October 1
Tennessee Tort "Reform": What Changes October 1 
Author: Tennessee Attorneys Memo
Category: Online Legal/Law Training > Continuing Legal Education
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Keywords: TAM, Tennessee Attorneys Memo, Legal, law, CLE, continuing legal education, tort, damages, liability, litigation, reform

Earn .75 CLE credit with this timely seminar presented by Rebecca Blair.  Ms Blair is the founder of the Blair Law Firm and has practiced complex litigation with one of the state's largest firms.  You will learn what the legislature changed, on October 1, 2011, concerning litigation of tort claims.  Some areas Ms Blair discusses are changes to the statutes regarding venue, appeal bonds, medical malpractice, caps on damages, product liability, class actions and the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act.

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