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Author: Dino Eliadis
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Brand Position - Creating Your USP Course 
Author: Dino Eliadis
Category: Online Marketing/Sales Training > General Marketing
CEU credits: N/A
Keywords: USP unique selling propostion marketing

The purpose of this course is to provide the resources required to hone the message for a business, product, or services to help maximize the effectiveness of all your communication efforts.

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Included Packages:
5898 Brand Positioning - Creating Your USP - Video
This video assists business owners and marketing resources in creating a focused message to communicate their story to their target customers.
5914 USP - Slides Set
Slides for the video Developing Your Brand Position.
5913 USP Form - Blank
Blank form for use in creating the unique selling proposition.
5916 USP - Example - PM Corner
5915 USP - Example - DE, Inc.


USP Form - Blank

This is a blank Microsoft Word document template to allow you to create your own USP by following the instruction of this course.

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