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WordPress Essentials Course

Author: DeltinaU

Category: Online Marketing/Sales Training > Social Media

Create an impressive blog on while learning the features and options of this popular blogging platform. Blogging can help you market your business, establish yourself as a thought leader, get the word out about your causes, and make yourself more attractive to potential employers...

Keywords: social media, wordpress, blogging,, deltinau

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Table of Contents:

1. Introduction to the Course

2. Starting a WordPress Blog

3. WordPress Options and Features

4. WordPress Settings and Options

5. WordPress Themes Essentials

6. Anatomy of a Blog Post

7. WordPress Formatting Options

8. Embedding Images and Videos

9. Publishing Your First Blog Post

10. Categories, Tags, and Post Editing Options

11. Additional Blog Posting Methods

12. Creating Static Pages

13. Custom Menu Options

14. Populating Your Sidebars

15. Sharing and Integration Features

16. Finding the Right Theme

17. Conclusion: Coming Full Circle


24 0 5 3
Shanna Schulte Shanna Schulte said:

It was easy to access and I learned a lot of things in taking the course. I was excited to apply what I learned immediately after taking the WordPress course. The content of the course is perfect! I will definitely recommend it for it has been a great help.

posted about 3 years ago
Whitney Lewis Whitney Lewis said:

I did a pretty quick run through of the WordPress Essentials Course and found it helpful. I was able to rewind areas that I needed extra time on and fast forward through sections I knew that I already had experience in. Overall, the course was thorough and easy to follow. The teacher was relatable and she was good at giving heads up for future material.

I will definitely utilize and recommend other courses to our chamber membership. People are really starting to like this feature!

posted almost 4 years ago
Rebecah Propst Rebecah Propst said:

The course was comprehensive and easy to follow. If it had been written for the latest version of WordPress, it would have been free of frustration.

posted almost 5 years ago
Included Modules:
  • 36886

    Introduction to the WordPress Course This video presents the topics covered in the course, and explains the difference between and the self-hosted version of WordPress found at

  • 36900

    Starting a WordPress Blog In this lesson, we go through the process of getting a WordPress account, starting a blog, present an overview of the general WordPress dashboard called the "Reader,” and introduce the blogging Dashboard.

  • 37135

    WordPress Options and Features In this lesson, we dig deeper into the WordPress Dashboard, review WordPress options, and discuss the main features of WordPress.

  • 37804

    WordPress Exam 1 Exam one for the Essentials course.

  • 37232

    WordPress Settings and Options In this lesson, we take a closer look at some specific WordPress options, and explore all of the WordPress settings.

  • 37233

    WordPress Themes Essentials In this lesson, we define what a theme is, explore the theme area in WordPress, discuss how to search and choose themes, and explore different theme customization options.

  • 37806

    WordPress Exam 2 Exam two for the Essentials course.

  • 37234

    Anatomy of a Blog Post In this lesson, we have an overview of the entire blog posting area, and discuss the main elements of a blog post.

  • 37491

    WordPress Formatting Options In this lesson, we demonstrate each formatting option, and discuss how they apply to posts and pages.

  • 37807

    WordPress Exam 3 Exam three for the Essentials course.

  • 37580

    Embedding Images and Videos into Posts In this lesson, we demonstrate how to embed uploaded images into posts, embed code from image sharing sites, embed YouTube videos using URLs, and image and video Post Formats.

  • 37583

    Publishing Your First Blog Post In this lesson, we utilize all the skills we have learned so far to publish our first optimized blog post.

  • 37584

    Categories, Tags, and Post Editing Options In this lesson we take a closer look at the Posts Area, explore editing options for posts and images, discuss categories and tags in more detail, and talk briefly about links.

  • 37808

    WordPress Exam 4 Exam four for the Essentials course.

  • 37585

    Additional Blog Posting Methods In this lesson, we demonstrate the “Quick Post” feature, demonstrate how to embed image galleries, and walk through a “Press This” example.

  • 37586

    Creating Static Pages In this lesson, we create an “About” page, create a “Contact” page using a contact form, and demonstrate how to set a static “Home Page” as the front page display of the blog.

  • 37809

    WordPress Exam 5 Exam five for the Essentials course.

  • 37587

    Custom Menu Options In this lesson, we demonstrate how to create custom menus, discuss the custom menu options, and explore the menu options of different themes.

  • 37588

    Populating Your Sidebars In this lesson, we give an overview of WordPress widgets, demonstrate widgets of varying complexity, populate our sidebars with widgets, and explore some additional widget options.

  • 37810

    WordPress Exam 6 Exam six for the Essentials course.

  • 37589

    WordPress Sharing and Integration Features In this lesson, we integrate our blog with social media sites, customize the sharing buttons, add a custom social media widget to the sidebar, and manage contact form feedback and comments.

  • 37590

    Finding the Right Theme In this lesson, we tidy up the navigation and front page display, search for a more appropriate theme, demonstrate theme customization methods, and demonstrate responsive theme behavior.

  • 37811

    WordPress Exam 7 Exam seven for the Essentials course.

  • 37643

    WordPress Conclusion: Coming Full Circle In this concluding lesson, we discuss the WordPress Store upgrades, revisit the Dashboard now that our blog is populated, take a closer look at the Stats area, and discover where to get help.