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Job Interviews - Getting the Job You Want

Author: Shiva Lakota

Category: Online Personal Development Training > General

This course gives you an in-depth details of how you need to prepare for and be ready for job interviews. It gets you ready to take on the challenge of getting your dream job. Course Length: approximately 1 hour  

Keywords: Get your dream job

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Table of Contents:

00. Intro Video
01. Introduction
02. Begin Preparation
03. Attire for the Interview
04. What Kind of Questions Can I Anticipate?
05. Grabbing the Interviewer’s Attention
06. Tackling the Behavioral Questions
07. Tackling Answers to Difficult Questions
08. Losing Course During an Interview – The Way Out
09. Handling a Panel Interview
10. How to Leave a Lasting Positive Impression on the Interviewer
11. Questions to Ask During an Interview
12. Things to Do After the Interview
13. Post Interview Follow Up
14. Handling Phone Interviews
15. In Conclusion
16. Script for Audio
17. Complete Course Document

Included Modules:
  • 69466

    200. Intro Video Introduction to the course on handling job interviews

  • 69467

    201. Introduction An introduction to the basics of handling job interviews. Learn some basics before starting your preparation to interview for the job you desire.

  • 69468

    202. Begin Preparation Begin your interview preparation by learning how best to answer the question “Tell me something about yourself”.

  • 69469

    203. Attire for the Interview Attire forms a big part of the interview. Understand how to pick the best attire for an interview to make the right impression.

  • 69470

    204. What Kind of Question Can I Anticipate ? Learn to filter through the questions list and at the same time prepare to sell yourself as the best available candidate for the job on offer.

  • 69471

    205. Grabbing the Interviewer's Attention A very crucial part of the interview is to grab the interviewer’s attention. Find out how you can make the right impression and steer the interview in your direction.

  • 69472

    206. Tackling the Behavioral Questions Behavioral questions form a key component of any interview these days. Find out how to prepare for these questions – the easy and most efficient way.

  • 69473

    207. Tackling Answers to Difficult Questions Interviews almost always consist of some difficult questions which can be tricky to answer. How do you prepare for unexpected questions? Browse through this lesson and you will have a fairly good idea how.

  • 69474

    208. Losing Course During an Interview - The Way Out Often it is easy to lose track during an interview. How do you prepare your mind to stay focused during an interview even if the questions being posed are tricky and difficult? This chapter gives you useful hints at what you need to do remain focused and level-headed during an interview.

  • 69475

    209. Hndling a Panel Interview Panel interviews where a candidate is interviewed by a group of people at the same time are not uncommon. Find out how to prepare your nerves to handle several interviewers at the same time.

  • 69476

    210. How to Leave a Lasting Positive Impression on the Interviewer How do you leave a lasting positive impression on the interviewer? Find out how you can make the right moves during an interview and be confident of getting the job.

  • 69477

    211. Questions to Ask During an Interview It is very important to ask the interviewer questions during an interview when given the opportunity to do so. Find out what constitutes good questions that can enhance your chances of getting hired.

  • 69478

    212. Things to do After the Interview The wait after a job interview can often be excruciating especially if you know that you have performed well in an interview. Find out what you need to do during this waiting game.

  • 69480

    213. Post Interview Follow Up There are always some steps that need to be taken after an interview that can enhance your chances of getting hired. Show the hiring manager that you are indeed the right candidate for the job on offer by learning to follow a few useful steps after the interview.

  • 69481

    214. Handling Phone Interviews Phone interviews are very common these days and cannot be taken lightly. Find out how best to handle a phone interview thus ensuring yourself a place in the final cut.

  • 69483

    215. In Conclusion Now the time has come for you to accept the challenge and make it to your dream job.

  • 69484

    216. Script for Audio - Job Interviews This document is the script for the audio narrated in the video lessons.

  • 69485

    217. Complete Course Document This document is the content for the entire course from which the video lessons were created.