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Kick Your Anger To The Curb

Author: Teresa Trower

Category: Online Personal Development Training > General

         In this course, you’ll: Learn why anger is not a “bad” emotion Learn a powerful, but positive, way to express your anger Discover the words to avoid in conversations Discover the cognitive distortions underneath your anger Learn how to improve your personal and work relation...

Keywords: anger, anger management, temper, job stress, stress

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Included Modules:
  • 77832

    Welcome to "Kick Your Anger To The Curb"! Learn the basic layout of the course as well as what you'll learn from the course.

  • 77833

    Anger Step 1 Step 1 gives an overview of anger as a secondary emotion and gives examples of common anger triggers.

  • 77849

    Worksheet Anger Step 1

  • 77834

    Anger Step 2 In Step 2, you'll learn the typical behaviors and responses people use when angry and the consequences of those behaviors. You'll examine how anger has affected your relationships in the past.

  • 77848

    Worksheet Anger Step 2

  • 77835

    Anger Step 3 In Step 3,st you'll learn about Cognitive Distortions and how they contribute to angry feelings. You'll choose more empowering thoughts to substitute when you find you're engaged in a Cognitive Distortion.

  • 77846

    Worksheet Anger Step 3 Part 1

  • 77847

    Worksheet Anger Step 3 Part 2

  • 77836

    Anger Step 4 In Step 4, you'll learn about how to communicate in a way that doesn't put the listener on the defensive. You'll choose positive ways to communicate your anger about situations presently in your life.

  • 77845

    Worksheet Anger Step 4

  • 77837

    Anger Step 5 In Step 5, you'll learn strategies for turning off your fight or flight response. You'll identify specific foods or substances that may be overstimulating your system, and in that way triggering anger. 

  • 77844

    Worksheet Anger Step 5

  • 77838

    Anger Step 6 In Step 6, you'll learn the power of words and how words impact you emotionally. You'll identify the words that have most impacted you both positively and negatively in your life.

  • 77843

    Worksheet Anger Step 6

  • 77839

    Anger Step 7 In Step 7, you'll learn the power of social skills in preventing situations that trigger your anger. I'll share "The Self Control Rap" which I wrote for my students and challenge you to join in.

  • 77841

    Worksheet Anger Step 7

  • 77840

    Anger Step 8 In Step 8, you'll identify your temperament. Are you an introvert or extrovert? Are you a planner or spontaneous? You'll discover how these traits impact your relationships. Finally, you'll create your personal "Anger Buster Plan" to utilize both now and in order to maintain the skills you've ... more

  • 77842

    Worksheet Anger Step 8

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  • Stress buster Coach

    This is my website where you'll find more resources to help you with stress reduction, parenting, and health.