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Mindfulness Training Course

Author: Renaissance Life Therapies

Category: Online Personal Development Training > General

Here at the training academy of Renaissance Life Therapies, we have created a truly unique mindfulness course. Our mindfulness course will enable you to experience and enjoy, how it feels to live in the present moment. You will learn how to live with a clarity of mind, that is free from all di...

Keywords: Mindfulness Training Course, Mindfulness Training, Mindfulness Course, Mindfulness Training Online

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Table of Contents:

Section 1: Introduction to Mindfulness Training

What Is Mindfulness?
Using Your Mindfulness Breathing Meditation Diary
Audio: Mindfulness Breathing Meditation
Mindfulness Breathing Meditation Diary
Using Your Training In Mindfulness Meditation Diary
Audio: Training In Mindfulness Meditation
Training In Mindfulness Meditation Diary

Section 2: Body Scan

Introduction To Mindfulness Body Scan
Using Your Mindfulness Body Scan Diary
Audio: Mindfulness Body Scan Meditation
Mindfulness Body Scan Diary
Using Your Simple Awareness Diary
Example Of Simple Awareness Diary
Simple Awareness Diary

Section 3: Sitting Meditation

Using Your Sitting Meditation Diary
Audio: Mindfulness Sitting Meditation
Sitting Meditation Diary
Using Your RAIN Diary
Example Of RAIN Diary
RAIN Diary

Section 4: Mindfulness Training Exercises

Introduction To Mindfulness Training Exercises
One Minute Mindfulness Exercise
Ten Second Count Exercise
Mindfulness Trigger Exercise
Conscious Observation Exercise
Using Your Pleasant Events Diary
Example Of Pleasant Events Diary
Pleasant Events Diary

Section 5: Practising Silent Meditation and STOP

Introduction To Silent Meditation
Using Your Silent Meditation Diaries
15 Minutes Silent Meditation
15 Minutes Silent Meditation Diary
30 Minutes Silent Meditation
30 Minutes Silent Meditation Diary
Using Your STOP Diary
Example Of STOP Diary
STOP Diary

Section 6: Mindfulness Training for Emotional and Physical Pain

Part 1 Mindfulness-The Treatment Of Physical Pain
Part 2 Mindfulness-The Treatment Of Emotional Pain
Using Your Communication Diary
Example Of Communication Diary
Communication Diary

Section 7: Conclusion

Well Done
Mindfulness Learning Conclusion

Hardware and Software Requirements:

This course is best viewed on Google Chrome 17 or later, Safari 5.1 or later, Internet Explorer 9 or later, Opera and cannot be viewed on Firefox.

Included Modules:
  • 66268

    Mindfulness Training Course Section One We start by learning the basics of Mindfulness. and understanding ways in which it can change our life. This first section includes training in mindfulness meditation. As well as a fully guided audio, we learn how to explore our experience of the meditation by using the bespoke meditation diar... more

  • 66269

    Mindfulness Training Course Section Two Mindfulness training includes a number of meditations. In section two, we will learn how to bring mindfulness awareness to your experience of the body scan meditation. We’ll also demonstrate how you can introduce mindfulness training into your daily routine, and start to get maximum benefits, ... more

  • 66529

    Mindfulness Training Course Section Three In this section we start with mastering the sitting meditation. In the sitting meditation, we learn by way of guided audio, how to concentrate on our breathing as the key object for awareness. We learn to experience how it feels to live in the moment, without judgement. We then move on to the ... more

  • 66271

    Mindfulness Training Course Section Four In this section we have lots of different Mindfulness exercises for you to try. Some are concerned with Mindfulness therapy and some are designed to develop your awareness, helping you to be in, and with, the present moment. There are lots of tips, techniques and methods that you can employ, in o... more

  • 66530

    Mindfulness Training Course Section Five This section is designed to help you progress from guided meditation, onto silent, mindful meditation. We've included two audio tracks which are silent, all but for the sound of a gentle bell. The bell will sound at the beginning of the audio and sound again at the end. This will be either 15 ... more

  • 66273

    Mindfulness Training Course Section Six In this section we have a look at how, with Mindfulness training, we can react differently to emotional and physical pain. Mindfulness enables us to separate the physical sensations of pain, from the emotional suffering of pain. This can be done by learning how to apply a mindful attitude towa... more

  • 66274

    Mindfulness Training Course Section Seven In this concluding section, we look back at each section in turn, making sure we've understood the learning objective of each and ensuring we get the very most from this unique mindfulness course. If you would like to know more about Mindfulness therapy, or if you’re interested in having Mindf... more

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  • Mindfulness Breathing Meditation Diary

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  • Training In Mindfulness Meditation Diary

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  • Mindfulness Body Scan Diary

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  • Example Of Simple Awareness Diary

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  • Simple Awareness Diary

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  • Sitting Meditation Diary

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  • Example Of RAIN Diary

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  • RAIN Diary

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  • Example Of Pleasant Events Diary

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  • Pleasant Events Diary

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  • 15 Minutes Silent Meditation Diary

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  • 30 Minutes Silent Meditation Diary

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  • Example Of STOP Diary

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  • STOP Diary

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  • Example Of Communication Diary

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  • Communication Diary

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