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  • Author: AEGIS Security & Investigations
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AEGIS ONLINE Guard Card Training 8 Hours

Author: AEGIS Security & Investigations

Category: Online Security Training > Security Guard

This course is only offered for those seeking a California Guard Card. This is the initial online security training course including powers to arrest, terrorism, and weapons of mass destruction course mandated by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services to qualify to begin ...

Keywords: guard card, security training, security certification, guard security, security guard training

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Ben Anderson Ben Anderson said:

Not to bad but alot of the questions have different awnsers from the book. Very frustrating but was able to get it done. Someone needs to prof read the read the question and look at the multiple awnsers that is giving.

posted 4 months ago
Jeffrey Huynh Jeffrey Huynh said:
posted 4 months ago
Sandy Guidry Sandy Guidry said:

The course was good and had multiple choice assessments throughout the course. Some of the multiple choice questions were a little tricky. The support team was very helpful in assisting me to complete the course. You guys had some very comical footage of people who did not comply with the law, but the matter of fact of the importance of disrespecting authority was serious. The deputy who was shot in the footage an example of disrespect for authority and how being out of control can be inefficacious. I assume these were just examples.

posted 8 months ago
Dewell Cooper Dewell Cooper said:

I found that the many "grammar errors" cited in various comments would probably more accurately, and appropriately, labeled "style errors" from what the student would have created. In this, it's a "forest for the trees" argument as the content of the course was appropriate to the subject for which we were taking.

In examining the use of force issue, BSIS should have chosen better source material than peace officer training films, and at the Federal-level at that, to address the issue. The scenarios were handled in an incorrect context for Security Officer training as many of the actions taken in the course of the training scenario would probably result in civil action, and possibly criminal action, against security personnel using the same procedures.

posted 9 months ago
Uriel Azose Uriel Azose said:

There were many grammatical errors but that was not a big deal. It was a big deal however that certain questions are answered incorrectly on the quizzes, and a different answer was given on the final exam. Example: the correct answer for the quiz regarding two types of terrorism was "biological and chemical" however the real answer, and the answer you must give on the final exam is "domestic and foreign". Just from the grammar and typos it seems like this course was made carelessly, and the content on the quizzes just backs that up.

posted almost 2 years ago
Joseph McCarthy Joseph McCarthy said:

There were many grammatical errors, but otherwise this was a good and informative course.

posted about 2 years ago
James Arnold James Arnold said:

There are multiple grammar errors throughout, but otherwise it is a very easy to use course which needs little explanation and is fun to do.

posted almost 3 years ago
Included Modules:
  • 1-aegis-training-introduction

    1 AEGIS Training Introduction

  • training-introduction-quiz

    Training Introduction Quiz

  • 1a-iipp-and-workplace-violence-aegis

    1A IIPP and Workplace Violence AEGIS

  • iipp-and-workplace-violence-quiz

    IIPP and Workplace Violence Quiz

  • 1b-pr-sexual-harassment-and-communication-aegis

    1B PR, Sexual Harassment, and Communication AEGIS

  • pr-sexual-harassment-communications-quiz

    PR, Sexual Harassment & Communications Quiz

  • 1c-powers-to-arrest-aegis

    1C Powers to Arrest AEGIS

  • powers-of-arrest-review

    Powers of Arrest Review

  • 1d-wmd-aegis


  • wmd-quiz

    WMD Quiz

  • 1e-poa-summary-aegis

    1E POA Summary AEGIS

  • powers-of-arrest-final-exam

    Powers of Arrest Final Exam

  • Icon-pdf
  • California Bureau of Security & Investigative Services

  • Icon-pdf
  • Guard Card Online Registration

  • Icon-pdf
  • Live Scan Background Check Sites

  • Icon-pdf
  • Powers of Arrest Training Manual

  • Icon-pdf
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Training Manual

  • 214.47 KB
  • Icon-pdf
  • Responsibilities of the Security Guard

  • 79.18 KB
  • Icon-pdf
  • BSIS Live Scan Form

    BSIS Guard Card Live Scan Form