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Hawaii Class A/B UST Operator Training


Category: Online Underground Storage Tanks Training > Class A-B

The Hawai'i Class A/B UST operator training course is a great way to meet the training requirements while learning everything you need to know to be an effective UST operator. This course is approved by the Hawai'i Department of Health. Self-Paced: This option allows users to watch 10 lessons on...

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Table of Contents:

1. Introduction 2. UST Operator Certification 3. Basic UST Technology 4. Release Detection 5. Release Response 6.Spill Containment 7. Overfill Prevention 8. Corrosion Protection 9. Required Paperwork 10. Your Operation and Maintenance Plan


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Darron White Darron White said:
posted 18 days ago
Wayne Torikawa Wayne Torikawa said:

Great course. Gained knowledge.

posted about 1 month ago
Kimie Shrew Kimie Shrew said:

It was a good one and its good that I was able to retake the class and by retaking it I'm learning new things.

posted 3 months ago
Roberto Morales Roberto Morales said:

It was good I loved that I could retake the exams and by doing so I gain more Knowledge.

posted 4 months ago
Kathy Hughes Kathy Hughes said:

Ben Thomas' presentation style provides the information very clearly and in a way that helps the learner remember concepts. The photos that show examples are extremely helpful as well.

posted about 1 year ago
Kamalu Kualii Kamalu Kualii said:
posted over 1 year ago
Karen Ota Karen Ota said:
posted over 1 year ago
Brenda Santos Brenda Santos said:
posted over 1 year ago
Leo Gongob Leo Gongob said:
posted over 1 year ago
Nita Ramos Nita Ramos said:
posted about 2 years ago
Edwin Eclavea Edwin Eclavea said:
posted over 2 years ago
James Soppa James Soppa said:

Great course!

posted over 2 years ago
Lance Imai Lance Imai said:

Very concise and easy to follow.

posted almost 3 years ago
Iver Cox Iver Cox said:

I like the way the course steared you to dive deeper into the material and in doing so made more of the information stick. It was very interesting and I would suggest this course be available to just about anyone.

posted almost 4 years ago
Wayne Sasaki Wayne Sasaki said:

Informative. Helped to minimize risks and maintain USTs/paperwork for inspections

posted almost 4 years ago
Anthony Moiso Anthony Moiso said:

Well prepared and presented. Very easy to follow and very informative.

posted almost 5 years ago
Dennis Miho Dennis Miho said:

Very usefull unformation

posted almost 5 years ago
Roy Toguchi Roy Toguchi said:

The presentation was very informative and well thoughtout. Well worth the hours spent in reviewing the information and learning a few new things.

posted almost 5 years ago
Ronald Fujihara Ronald Fujihara said:

Excellent course very informative.

posted about 5 years ago
Rey Tacsiat Rey Tacsiat said:

Nice to knoww all the laws and how we can help the environment. Good course, lots of information.

posted about 5 years ago
Wayne Morton Wayne Morton said:

Lots of information presented in a very easy to follow format, Excellent

posted about 5 years ago
clayton oshita clayton oshita said:

great course, very informative on preventing pollution of the enviroment and why we must monitor the system to keep it clean.

posted about 5 years ago
Jonathan Jale Jonathan Jale said:

Now I know that there is alot more to owning and running a UST gas station. Very informative, Excellent.

posted about 5 years ago

Nice informative course.

posted about 5 years ago
Hardware and Software Requirements:

All you need is high speed Internet and computer speakers.

Included Modules:
  • 35147

    Hawai'i AB Lesson 1 Introduction Introduction to Class A/B UST operator training (9:30)

  • 35148

    Hawai'i AB Lesson 2 UST Operator Certification UST Operator Certification (7:28)

  • 35149

    Hawai'i AB Lesson 3 Basic UST Technology UST Technology (12:19)

  • 35150

    Hawai'i AB Lesson 4.0 Release Detection for Tanks Release Detection for Tanks (24:36)

  • 35151

    Hawai'i AB Lesson 4.5 Release Detection for Piping Release Detection for Piping (16:23)

  • 35152

    Hawai'i AB Lesson 5 Release Response Release Response (6:09)

  • 35153

    Hawai'i AB Lesson 6 Spill Containment Spill Containment (4:59)

  • 35154

    Hawai'i AB Lesson 7 Overfill Prevention Overfill Prevention (7:12)

  • 35155

    Hawai'i AB Lesson 8 Corrosion Protection Corrosion Protection (8:04)

  • 35156

    Hawai'i AB Lesson 9 Required Paperwork Required Paperwork (7:34)

  • 35158

    Hawai'i AB Lesson 10 Your Operation and Maintenance Plan Your Operation and Maintenance Plan (12:09)

  • 35159

    Hawai'i AB Final Exam Take the final exam once you've completed your training to receive your state-approved certification. There are 50 questions and you must get a score of 80% or higher to pass

  • Icon-pdf
  • Hawaii Class A/B Study Guide

    This document contains everything you need to know to 1) get ready for the training, 2) follow along during the class, 3) prepare for the final exam and 4) have a reference manual for afterwards.

  • 957.05 KB
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  • After class, please fill out this brief survey

    Please take a few minutes and fill out our course evaluation. We strive to make this the best course in the industry and your input is very important to us. Thanks!

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  • Free training after class

    Want to learn more? Watch our popular "Tank Savvy Minute" videos on YouTube. They're quick, easy and practical. And free!

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  • New Federal UST Rules

    These new federal UST rules will eventually be adopted in Hawaii. Please download and review and contact us if you have questions.

  • 420.37 KB