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Texas Class A/B UST Operator Training


Category: Online Underground Storage Tanks Training > Class A-B

  Hello Texas Class A/B UST operators! Our course is now online and approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). This course is sponsored by the Steel Tank Institute. Overview: Texas Class A/B UST operator training course is a great way to meet the training requirement...

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Table of Contents:

1. Introduction 2. UST Operator Certification 3. Basic UST Technology 4. Release Detection 5. Release Response 6.Spill Containment 7. Overfill Prevention 8. Corrosion Protection 9. Required Paperwork 10. Your Operation and Maintenance Plan


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Robert Claro Robert Claro said:
posted 2 months ago
angela humphrey angela humphrey said:

did not care for the way your software works. Will look to take my classes somewhere else next time.

posted 4 months ago
Jorge Avitia Jorge Avitia said:
posted 4 months ago
Moses Zamarron Moses Zamarron said:

Good training, really challenging. Can hardly wait three yrs. before I have to take it again.

posted 4 months ago
Patrick Murphy Patrick Murphy said:
posted 7 months ago
Alex Keller Alex Keller said:

Class was very well put together. Enjoyed being able to complete at my own pace online.

posted 9 months ago
Cory Fletcher Cory Fletcher said:
posted 10 months ago
Barbara Bender Barbara Bender said:

Training was excellent and very easy to follow.

posted over 1 year ago
Kenny Burton Kenny Burton said:

Good class, refreshed my memory on a few items

posted over 1 year ago
Kennedy Jones Kennedy Jones said:


posted almost 2 years ago
Abel  Ramos Abel Ramos said:
posted almost 2 years ago
Robert Melgarejo Robert Melgarejo said:

Great session. 10 modules and test time.

posted about 2 years ago
Hardware and Software Requirements:

All you need is high speed Internet and computer speakers.

Included Modules:
  • 71825

    Texas AB Lesson 1 Introduction Introduction to Class A/B UST operator training (10:27)

  • 71832

    Texas AB Lesson 2 UST Operator Certification AB Lesson 2 UST Operator Certification (8:34)

  • 71836

    Texas AB Lesson 3 Basic UST Technology Basic UST Technology (12:58)

  • 71838

    Texas AB Lesson 4.0 Release Detection for Tanks Release Detection for Tanks (26:21)

  • 71841

    Texas AB Lesson 4.5 Release Detection for Piping Release Detecion for Piping (17:27)

  • 71842

    Texas AB Lesson 5 Release Response Release Response (7:32)

  • 71844

    Texas AB Lesson 6 Spill Containment Spill Containment (5:47)

  • 71845

    Texas AB Lesson 7 Overfill Prevention Overfill Prevention (7:40)

  • 71846

    Texas AB Lesson 8 Corrosion Protection Corrosion Protection (8:10)

  • 71847

    Texas AB Lesson 9 Required Paperwork Required Paperwork (9:15)

  • 71848

    Texas AB Lesson 10 Your Operation and Maintenance Plan Your Operation and Maintenance Plan (14:15)

  • 71849

    Texas AB Final Exam Final exam

  • Icon-pdf
  • Texas Class A/B Study Guide

    This document contains everything you need to know to 1) get ready for the training, 2) follow along during the class, 3) prepare for the final exam and 4) have a reference manual for afterwards.

  • 951.06 KB
  • Icon-pdf
  • After class, please fill out this brief survey

    Please fill out this brief survey so we can use your feedback to continue to improve this course.

  • Icon-pdf
  • Free training after class

    Want to learn more? Watch our popular "Tank Savvy Minute" videos on YouTube. They're quick, easy and practical. And free!

  • Icon-pdf
  • New Federal UST Rules

    EPA has published new rules in 2015 and some new rules affect Texas around 2018. Please download and review and contact us if you have questions.

  • 8.86 MB
  • Icon-pdf
  • TCEQ PST Super Guide

    This large, comprehensive document by TCEQ is a good supplement for Texas Class A/B UST operators who want more information about Texas UST requirements.

  • 2.87 MB
  • Icon-pdf
  • TCEQ Self-Certifiication Form

    Use your training to fill out this annual form to verify UST compliance

  • 582.54 KB
  • Icon-pdf
  • TCEQ Compliance Forms

    Use these forms for: 60-Day Spill-Container Inspection, 60-Day Record of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection, Monthly Record of Interstitial-Sensor Monitoring, Monthly Record of Secondary Containment Well Monitoring, Weekly Record of Manual Tank Gauging (Tanks <1,000 gallons)

  • 105.4 KB