Online Training In Teamwork Brings Out the Superstar In Every Employee


Online Training In Teamwork Brings Out the Superstar In Every Employee

In LMS training programs, oftentimes trainers ask staff members to work in groups to develop ideas, produce reports, and assume different roles within a group to achieve organizational objectives.

We’ve all seen the corporate art poster that reads “TEAMWORK” at the top, and at the bottom, the old Japanese proverb: “None of us is as smart as all of us.” There’s a photo in the center of hands of placed one over the other, suggesting that cooperation and team spirit yield success.

Some of us with a dryer sense of humor have also appreciated another poster, with the same image and “TEAMWORK” at the top. Below the image reads the slogan: “None of us is as dumb as all of us.”

Which slogan is more accurate, humor aside? Are teams a worthwhile venture in a training program–or in any educational context, for that matter?

Studies have shown that when a strong and clear structure exists, team learning systems can be highly efficient and successful. When lead by an experienced trainer or organized by an LMS online system, the benefits of creating teams for training purposes outweigh the few hazards of teamwork. But teams do need to be coordinated correctly.

Everyone is born with different talents, and throughout our lives, we each cultivate different sets of skills. We all have something unique to offer. Experienced teachers have always understood this, which is why group projects continue to be assigned to students–even in this individualistic day and age.

However, despite the fact that “teamwork” is a sort of buzzword in the corporate world, businesses often make only put forth a superficial effort to create a functional and trusting team environment. Many managers continue to nurture competitive work environments, convinced that the strongest employees will rise to the surface.

This becomes a major obstacle to corporate team-building efforts–managers themselves often possess weak teamwork skills or don’t really believe in teamwork, and so imparting and fostering these skills in others becomes difficult and unrealistic.

But when teams are organized and guided with good faith, a successful team learning experience creates a happy, productive staff. But when teams are handled poorly–tasks are unclear, competition exists, etc.–the opposite scenario becomes true: a tense, unhappy, and unproductive staff.

Because of this, both trainers and trainees benefit largely from team-building learning systems. LMS training can help to organize teams and assign individual tasks and aid in the development, distribution of goals and roles amongst team members.

LMS training can also be used to provide teamwork skills training. Teamwork is something that is taught–it’s not an innate understanding or knowledge that comes natural to most people. There are plenty of team-building learning systems online. Coggno offers a wide range of cost-effective courses on areas ranging from Group and Team Management, to Workplace Communication, to Team Dynamics and Motivation in the Workplace.

Team development LMS training can help both managers and staff become better communicators and achieve organizational goals together. provides world-class online training. Visit our Marketplace for all your employee training needs, click here.

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