10 Common Workplace Safety Tips in Manufacturing

10 Common Workplace Safety Tips in Manufacturing

10 Common Workplace Safety Tips in Manufacturing

Rochelle van Rensburg | Jul, 15 2019

Workplace safety is something very important in every organization. Organizations have a responsibility towards their employees and need to take care of their safety while they are at the workplace. There are many common accidents that can happen in the workplace. This is more so in a manufacturing company. Manufacturing firms use electricity and may work with chemicals, heat, and heavy objects. All these expose employees to the risk of various types of accidents. One can be burnt or have fingers crushed by a heavy objector suffer from breathing problems due to the effect of chemicals.

All of these can affect employees. Any such incident can result in the organization facing a loss of reputation and also a lawsuit. Hence, it is very important to ensure employee safety. Employees need to be trained on safety. Online safety training can be helpful in making employees understand the importance of workplace safety and also how they can ensure their own safety.

Following are 10 common workplace safety tips that employees and workers in the manufacturing firms can keep in mind:

  1. Wear safety equipment

This is a very important safety tip. Every single employee needs to follow this without fail. The organization is duty bound to provide safety equipment to all employees. This includes a helmet, gloves, shoes, face masks, and other such equipment. Every employee needs to wear safety equipment at work and needs to ensure that their colleagues also put on this equipment.

  1. Ensure there are no fire hazards

One of the biggest dangers at a workplace is fire. Electric short circuits can very easily cause a fire leading to the destruction of property and danger to lives. Hazardous material should be stored carefully. Inflammable material must be kept properly. Dust is a hazard that can lead to an explosion and it is important to ensure a dust-free environment to prevent such hazards.

  1. Ensure fire protection measures

Fire extinguishers need to be available at strategic locations and most importantly, people need to be trained on the usage of such fire equipment. As an employee, you should know where fire extinguishers are available and how to use them.

  1. Be trained on first aid

An accident can happen at any time. Immediate first aid may be needed, whether for a cut, burn, or any other injury. A first aid box or kit containing all items needs to administer first aid must be available. Employees need to be trained on how to administer first aid when needed.

  1. Take care of your back

In a manufacturing job, one would need to lift heavy objects. Maintaining proper posture is very important. One should keep the back straight and use the legs while lifting. It is important not to twist while lifting a heavy object. This ensures that you can protect your back and prevent a sprain or injury. Wherever possible use a forklift to pick up objects.

  1. Ensure emergency exits are open

You never know when an emergency may occur. It is important to have emergency exits, where employees can quickly leave the place in case of an emergency like fire, or explosion. A common problem in many factories is where emergency exits may be locked, or there may be obstacles on the route to the emergency exit. It is important to ensure emergency exits are easily accessible.

  1. Use equipment properly

Whenever you use any equipment or tool to carry out work, there are specific instructions on how to use them. You need to ensure that you follow the instructions properly. This will ensure that there are no accidents and that you would be safe at work.

  1. Address the issue of falling objects

There may be objects that can fall from heights or when boxes are stacked, the top items can fall down. Care needs to be exercised at the time of storage. Also, where required nets can be used for safety in case an object falls.

  1. Ensure you don’t slip or trip

One of the common accidents is slipping or tripping and falling down leading to an injury. Ensuring there is nothing slippery on the floor and ensuring no objects are left where anyone can trip over is a simple tip that anyone can follow.

  1. Report problems immediately

If you notice any problem or unsafe conditions that could cause a safety risk, report it immediately to your superior. Any hazards at the workplace should be reported so that immediate action is taken to prevent any accidents.

Following these safety tips are very important in manufacturing industries. Also, every employee needs to undergo an online safety course that they can do at their convenience to understand how to ensure safety by following tips like these. There are a number of safety training programs offered by leading online training providers like Coggno.com. These programs would be very useful in ensuring workplace safety.

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