4 Features of Online Training Courses That Are Multi Platform Friendly

4 Features of Online Training Courses That Are Multiplatform-Friendly

4 Features of Online Training Courses That Are Multi Platform Friendly

Rochelle van Rensburg | Sep, 16 2019

Is your staff busy, under pressure with deadlines and in need of on-demand training? If so, it may be time to investigate the possibilities of rolling out your online training courses on the small screen.

In this article, we’ll highlight the 4 fundamentals to look for when selecting your next multiplatform-friendly online training course.

1. Microlearning Online Training Resources

Mobile learning and microlearning go hand-in-hand. Typically, mobile users don’t have the time to work through a long online training course. They are on-the-gogo and need to have instant access to online corporate training. As such, you need to provide them with bite-sized content that is easy to understand and internalize.

Microlearning content should be readily available and involve only a few minutes of learning time for corporate learners. A 2-minute podcast that sheds light on a popular issue or a 5-minute task simulation to assist them to brush up on the steps concerned are both great examples.

Having an online library of microlearning that is easily accessible for your learners is a great way of deploying microlearning in your organization.

The Coggno online training library is a great example of a library that provides amazing online training courses that are multiplatform friendly.

2. Simple and Straight forward Navigation

This one is a no-brainer. Is the online corporate training easy to navigate and to use, or is it confusing? How much time do you have to spend trying to figure out how to get around?

Another crucial aspect to bear in mind when it comes to mobile learning is how big the navigation buttons are. Buttons tend to get lost in the shuffle. Especially when tiny buttons are concealed on a mobile screen, between text. It’s therefore vital that the buttons are big and prominent.

Consider some of the following points when you’re investigating how easy it is to navigate a course:

  • Do the hyperlinks work?
  • How difficult is it to find the navigation icons?
  • Does the online training course provide clear directions on how to proceed?

Aspects like these can very quickly turn what would have been a pleasant learning experience, into a frustrating one. It’s therefore crucial that multiplatform-friendly online training courses must have seamless navigation.

All the online training course in the Coggno training library are easy to understand and to navigate. Head over to our free courses library to check it out for yourself.

3. Course Design that Supports Cognitive Ease

Have you ever heard of the term “cognitive ease” before? It refers to the ease in which our brains can interpret and process information. This feature is very closely related to the previous one we discussed about straightforward navigation, and when it comes to multiplatform learning, this feature of course design is crucially important.

Here are some questions you can ask the next time you are determining the cognitive ease of online corporate training:

  • Are the fonts easy to read?
    Remember that mobile screens are much smaller than computers, and as such, reading certain fonts may prove quite challenging.
  • Are there clear instructions on the screen?
    One of the easiest ways in which we can get frustrated as learners, and especially as mobile learners who require readily available content, is the moment when we are confused about where to click (or tap) next. By having simple and clear instructions on every screen, an online training course lends itself to multiplatform delivery simply and effectively.
  • Are there sufficiently compelling visuals?

High-quality visuals are crucial to online courses for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, visuals simplify complicated topics. They also capture the attention of corporate learners, which is essential for mobile users, who are already dealing with external distractions. Moreover, visuals enhance the retention and recall of information.

Want to have a look at a library of online training course that have all been designed with cognitive ease in mind? Have a look at Coggno’s library here.

4. White Space

White space is a widely recognized feature of sophisticated and professional design – whether you’re a graphic designer, a web designer, or a course designer. The presence of enough white space on a screen calms our minds and gives us a feeling of tranquillity and simplicity.

When it comes to deploying online training course to small screens, this feature is even more prevalent, seeing that it can become so easy for information on a small screen to look squashed or cluttered, and this is very likely to frustrate the learners. Have a look at how “clean” the screens feel when you are considering this – is there enough breathing space on every screen?

The courses in the Coggno library all have white space. Check them out for yourself in our free online training course library.

Last note:

Coggno’s online training course have all the features for multiplatform deployment and more.

Click here to access our online training library, or here to have a look at all the free online training course we have available.

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