5 Key Steps for Incident Investigation: Incident Investigation Courses for 2023

5 Key Steps for Incident Investigation: Incident Investigation Courses for 2023

5 Key Steps for Incident Investigation: Incident Investigation Courses for 2023

Anjali Dalal | Jul, 11 2023

What is Incident Investigation, How to Conduct, and Best Incident Investigation Certification Courses Online 2023

Do you know around 340 million people suffer from occupational accidents every year?

The figures are not happening at all.

In this piece, we will discuss 5 Steps of an Incident Investigation that are integral to ensuring a safe and secure workplace

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What is an Incident Investigation?

Picture this – you’re in a busy workspace, and suddenly, an unforeseen accident occurs. What do you do next? It is where the concept of incident investigation steps in. 

Incident investigation is a process used to understand the root cause of any accident in the workplace. 

For instance, a staff member slipped on a wet floor, leading to injury. An incident investigation would involve the following: 

  • Examining why the floor was wet; 
  • Who knew about it; 
  • Why it wasn’t cleaned up promptly; 
  • How we can avoid such incidents in the future.

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How to Conduct an Incident Investigation in Your Workplace?

Below are the 5 steps to conduct an incident investigation successfully


1. Immediate Response 

After an incident, the first step involves the following: 

  • Taking care of the injured; 
  • Securing the area; 
  • Documenting the scene as quickly as possible. 

It’s about ensuring safety first.

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2. Fact Gathering

The second step involves collecting all the data related to the incident – photographs, videos, and witness statements. The collected information would help you understand the incident better.


3. Analysis 

Once you have all the facts, you will identify the cause of the accident, using techniques like the “5 Why Analysis” to find the root cause.


4. Recommendations

In the fourth step, you will develop recommendations to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.


5. Follow-up

In the last step, you must implement the recommendations and review their effectiveness over time.

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5 Key Steps for Incident Investigation: Incident Investigation Courses


What are the Best Incident Investigation Certification Programs Available at Coggno?

Coggno offers a comprehensive list of incident investigation courses to sharpen your investigative skills. Let’s explore some of them:


Incident Investigation Course

Change the status quo with UL’s Incident Investigation Course. As the age-old saying goes, insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly, expecting different results. But what if we broke the cycle? 

This course equips you to turn safety incidents into stepping stones for continuous improvement. 

Furthermore, this course is available in multiple languages, including French, German, Canadian French, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, and Japanese

In just 24 minutes, you will learn the following: 

  • Gather information; 
  • Unearth root causes; 
  • Take corrective actions. 

This English course backs you with a certificate and an empowered ‘why’ for performing effective causal analysis.

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Incident Investigation Awareness Course

UL’s Incident Investigation Awareness Course transforms every safety incident into a chance for improvement. This 18-minute program helps you not just react but learn and adapt. The course is also available in Spanish.

With this course, you can gain expertise in the following key areas: 

  • Information gathering; 
  • Identifying underlying causes; 
  • Implementing corrective actions across all industries. 

This course awards a certificate and ensures you’re well-equipped to ask “why” for effective causal analysis.

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Process Safety Management: Incident Investigation (US) Course

UL’s Process Safety Management: Incident Investigation (US) Course is for companies facing the stringent requirements of Process Safety Management (PSM) regulations. 

This 24-minute course walks you through the intricate process of investigating and reporting incidents that could lead to catastrophic releases of hazardous chemicals. 

In this course, you will learn the following: 

  • How to distinguish different incidents; 
  • Unearth root causes; 
  • Devise effective corrective actions; 
  • Package them into an organized report. 

This English course includes a certificate, marking your expertise in maintaining a safe and compliant workspace.

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Incident Investigation And Reporting

FASC’s Incident Investigation and Reporting course catapults you straight into the heart of workplace safety. In just 5 minutes, you will learn a systematic approach to identify incident causes and devise corrective actions. 

Furthermore, you’ll master the following: 

  • Art of conducting a thorough incident investigation; 
  • Recognizing different incidence cause levels; 
  • Developing comprehensive incidence findings. 

The course available in English offers you a certificate upon completion to showcase your newly acquired skills.

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Accident Investigation Online Training

Swift eLearning’s Accident Investigation Online Training is a 120-minute course. It guides you through the crucial steps of accident and incident investigations, clarifying the roles and responsibilities throughout the process. 

This English course equips employees with the skills to identify and control workplace hazards effectively.

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Why Choose Coggno for the Incident Investigation Certification Program?

Best Incident Investigation Courses –  Coggno stands as a beacon of learning in the field of incident investigation. Here’s why you should choose us:

  1. Expert-Led Courses: Our courses are designed and led by industry experts, ensuring you learn from the best.
  2. Practical Learning: We believe in hands-on learning. Our courses offer real-life case studies to provide you with practical exposure.
  3. Flexible Learning: Our courses are accessible 24/7, offering you the flexibility you need.
  4. Valuable Certification: Our certifications are recognized worldwide, enhancing your credibility in the workplace.
  5. Dedicated Support: We are here for you. Our customer support works round the clock to help with any concerns.


The Final Piece

As we wrap up, we realize the essence of incident investigation – It’s a proactive approach, not just for addressing mishaps but for avoiding them in the future. It’s about creating a safe workspace where everyone can contribute their best. 

And it all comes down to knowledge, understanding, and the willingness to bring a change. That’s where Coggno’s incident investigation courses step in, equipping you with the tools and techniques you need to foster a safer work environment. 

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