6 Ways of Removing the Pain and Plain from Corporate Training


6 Ways of Removing the Pain and Plain from Corporate Training

Janine Ordman | Mar, 3 2017

‘Training’ – It’s a dreaded word to many employees, yet a necessary part of workplace and industry development. So how do you get people interested and engaged in corporate training? Here are some of the ways training providers are making their training more enjoyable:

1. “Not this again!” – Mix It Up

People love variety, so, instead of rehashing the same tired old training modules, select content that might expand on learners’ existing knowledge or ones that explore previous content from different perspectives (e.g. through video clips, case studies or infographics).

2. “There are just too many words!” – Keep It Simple

Hardly anyone ever feels like they have time to cram something extra into their workday, especially not long, dreary reading material. Consider including concise content into training material to avoid overwhelming trainees, to keep their attention and to ensure greater retention rates.

3. “So, why should I care?” – Make It Relevant

Training is only useful insofar it is relevant to individual trainees’ everyday roles and responsibilities. eLearning platforms make it possible for employees to complete differing modules at the same time because online training facilitates self-paced learning and does not require all trainees to be present at the same time to attend a classroom-style session with a trainer. Encourage employees to select courses they feel they would benefit from to improve their willingness to participate and to complete them.

4. “There are still too many words!” – Choose Dynamic, Engaging Content

Training should engage its audience with more than just information. Well-designed content includes relevant, striking imagery such as infographics that explain the crux of a concept, videos and possibly even space for trainees to ask questions or make comments about what they have learned. And it goes without saying that a user-friendly eLearning interface with easy navigation is essential to a positive user experience.

5. “What’s in it for me?” – Provide Incentives

Select online training courses that have certificates, or perhaps create internal completion certificates to acknowledge employees’ training involvement. It may even be a good idea to reward top achievers for completing courses that provide training in key performance areas.

6. “I’m still not convinced.” – What’s more fun than gameplay?

One of the leading trends in eLearning is ‘gamification’, the application of an element of play in learning that challenges trainees to score points for completing certain learning objectives or for competing against others. This does not necessarily have to be a built-in feature of the eLearning platform as organizations can decide on their own games and rules depending on their organizational culture and policies. Adding gamification to corporate training could motivate learners to make the most of their training opportunities and can turn the learning experience into a more light-hearted and enjoyable one.

Training is a serious matter that does not have to be delivered in a serious manner. Luckily, technology makes it easier on everyone involved. Check out all Coggno’s awesome training solutions here!

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