A Note From Tod Browndorf, the Founder of Coggno


A Note From Tod Browndorf, the Founder of Coggno

As we enter the third month of 2013, Coggno is on track for this to be our most productive year since I founded the company in 2008. We are involved in many exciting projects, and some of them are turning out to be even more compelling than I originally thought. This year, we hope to spread the word even farther about the value of online training, both in the workplace, and for individuals looking to remain competitive in our fast-paced global economy.

One recent event I’m particularly proud of is an article that appeared in a recent issue of the Silicon Valley Business Journal featuring Coggno as a leader in the corporate online training sector.

As part of the interview, I explained how my background as a former corporate training consultant gives me the necessary vision to understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to effective employee training. In the past, companies spent ridiculous amounts of money to train employees; when all was said and done, that training was not only useless to employees, it was a financial drain on the bottom line. Now, technology not only provides any company with the ability to provide effective training to employees at every level, it can be done at a fraction of the cost. Instead of hiring expensive consultants and sending employees to inconvenient off-site seminars, virtually all necessary training can now be done in-house. And don’t be fooled by the lower costs; online training is even more effective than traditional training because it allows individuals to work at their own pace, and on their own time frame, which greatly increases retention of information. Any employee with a laptop, tablet or smart phone can access training materials wherever, whenever. That’s a far cry from being locked away in a banquet room for days on end.

My goal is for Coggno to remain at the forefront of the online training revolution. My vision for our future, is to become a trusted partner for all types of online training. Our course topics are not only diverse, they are written by many different content creators, which makes them more appealing than dealing exclusively with one provider that develops its own training. You get to pick and choose which courses best suit your needs, and the needs of your employees.

As winter fades, and the spring growing season begins, think of Coggno as a place where knowledge is constantly cultivated. We continue to strive to bring you the best online training courses, giving anyone who seeks knowledge the opportunity to grow and flourish.

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