A Treadmill Desk for Home and Office Learning Systems, Pt. 2


A Treadmill Desk for Home and Office Learning Systems, Pt. 2

What kinds of tasks can an LMS student or office worker perform while walking on a treadmill desk? Students can read and complete assignments, access their online courseware or LMS, or communicate with peers. Office workers can talk on the phone, type, print and participate in online training programs. Basically, they can do it all, and chances are, they’ll do it better.

“Exercise is fertilizer for the brain,” says Dr. Kenneth Cooper, founder and chairman of the Cooper Institute.

LMS students and others who work or study from home can benefit especially from a treadmill desk. Prices of treadmill desks range from homemade $39 (not including the actual treadmill) to $4,500. Home-rigged treadmill desks are the way to go–not only will building your own save you thousands of dollars, but it will allow you to crank the speed up to a brisk 2.3 miles an hour if you choose to, rather than an ambling one mile per hour.


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