Appreciation Encourages Motivation


Appreciation Encourages Motivation

Erica Caramol | Aug, 7 2014

Hectic schedules, pressing deadlines, and endless workloads can drag down office morale quicker than a spring mudslide. Employees have so much on their plates that the last thing they want to feel is under-appreciated. In an economy where jobs are still scarce (despite encouraging statistics), the employer/employee relationship needs to grow beyond being thankful there is an entity out there that is willing to pay you to do a job. There needs to be an element of appreciation in order to encourage motivation.

No Job Should Be a Thankless Job

Regardless of how big or small a company is every employee should be made to feel valued. There is nothing worse than going to work every day feeling that what you do doesn’t make a difference. Employees need to be told how much they are valued by their employers; be it the clichéd pat on the back, or a “well done” every now and then, the encouragement will have a positive effect on the employee’s morale. Employees need to feel that even the most menial tasks have an important role to play in the company as a whole.

It Begins With Leadership

Believe it or not, leadership in business fosters loyalty and increases motivation. If the owner of a small business or the manager of a large department believes in his or her employees, they will be motivated to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. People who believe in their superiors at work are more inclined to believe in themselves. That other cliché, the two way street, rings true here, because nobody wants to work for a boss who barely acknowledges them personally or professionally, nor do employees want to go that extra mile for someone who never says “thank you”.  A good leader will care about the people who toil in the trenches, offering up praise whenever it is appropriate, along with other perks that will keep the troops happy.

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