Avoiding the Slippery Terrain of Workplace Surface Safety Hazards: OSHA Compliance to the Rescue!


Avoiding the Slippery Terrain of Workplace Surface Safety Hazards: OSHA Compliance to the Rescue!

Janine Ordman | May, 2 2017

Who would have thought that walking could be such risky business?

Well, Coggno knew, which is why we are placing special focus on workplace surface-related injury prevention in anticipation of the upcoming Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance deadline later this month. Slipping, tripping, and falling are all potential consequences of unsafe walking surfaces in the workplace, not necessarily a side-effect of not yet having had your first cup of morning coffee on your way to your work station. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these incidents constitute the leading causes of workplace fatalities and injuries in general industry, and as such, OSHA requires of employers in general industry workplaces (e.g. Manufacturing, Warehousing, Utilities, Oil and gas extraction, Retailers, and Offices) to comply with their new requirements.

OSHA’s revision of Subpart D pertaining to “Walking-Working Surfaces” provides relevant industry employers with the necessary flexibility for establishing and selecting the most suitable fall protection system for their specific work operations by identifying and evaluating potential slip, trip, and fall hazards in their environment. The onus is further on the employers in these industries to ensure that employees are equipped with the necessary and appropriate personal protective equipment to address potential surface walking injuries. Alongside these changes, general industry workplaces will be required to provide their employees with the necessary online training to traverse the slippery landscape that is workplace surfaces (pardon the pun) and will be subject to regular inspections and maintenance efforts to the end of eliminating walking-working surface hazards.

OSHA anticipates that the revision will:

  • Prevent nearly 30 workplace fatalities and approximately 6,000 lost-workday injuries annually.

  • Save of more than $300 million for employers affected by the new requirements.

The first compliance deadline under the revision of Subpart D is around the corner and is the first of two deadlines issued for this year. 17 May 2017 marks the date that OSHA expects employers to have trained employees on fall and equipment hazards. Luckily, Coggno makes OSHA compliance easy and painless in offering the “Walking Working Surfaces” curriculum which includes eight relevant courses compiled by Safeworkday SafetyPoints.

Click here and avoid falling on your face by spending only $19.95 for 8 full safety training courses and save time and money on avoidable workplace injuries in the long run.


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