Be a Featured Partner with Coggno


Be a Featured Partner with Coggno

At Coggno, we like to show our appreciation to both our content creators and our customers. That’s why our newsletter will feature a different Coggno partner once every two weeks. Our goal is to give everyone inspiring examples of the people who bring the best online training courses to Coggno, as well as the companies that purchase them.  With such shining examples on both sides of the playing field, it will be easy to see why Coggno is a leader when it comes to providing top-notch online training, as well as a trusted source of sales and exposure for content creators.

As individuals and businesses look for ways to compete in an uncertain global economy, providing sources of inspiration has never been more vital. You’ll read all sorts of tips and tricks from our partners about how they expand their networks, grow their businesses in these tough times, and how online training plays a role in helping them succeed. As a partner, you’ll gain exposure for yourself, your courses, or your business, as you share knowledge with others. You’ll be recognized not only in your community, but online by many others who are looking to take that next step into the future. Plus, there will be helpful feedback shared by all; the positive and the negative as heard from clients and learners.

We hope you, our readers, are looking forward to this new and exciting element of our newsletter. If you’re interested in being a featured partner in a future newsletter, please don’t hesitate to let us know

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