Blended Learning Takes Its Cue From Online Training


Blended Learning Takes Its Cue From Online Training

Erica Caramol | Dec, 7 2015

Academia has learned to embrace the idea of blended learning, which combines the traditional classroom experience supplemented with coursework completed online. At first, the concept was iffy at best, but now, it is embraced not only by the top institutes of higher learning, but by businesses wanting to educate their employees as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible.

More Education Equals Better Compensation

Many professions that require periodic training to keep pace with changing times rely on forms of blended learning to help employees gain the necessary skills, while impacting productivity as little as possible. Nurses, for example, now have their pick of educational programs that allow them to earn bachelors and masters degrees either exclusively online, or using hybrid programs of online learning and classroom attendance. This allows them to still work full shifts, and complete necessary coursework without worrying about taking a financial hit. Nurses with higher degrees are often better paid, and have more employment choices. This has been a boon to the profession since in the past, traditional coursework meant taking a leave or significantly cutting down hours to attend classes in person.

Technology Gives Us An Advantage

The more technologically literate we are, the better our opportunities will be. Embracing blended learning makes us interact with technology that might intimidate us. Believe it or not, there are still many people who are not particularly savvy when it comes to using devices other than laptops and desktop computers.

The capabilities of advanced smartphones and tablets are nothing short of amazing; they allow us to bring our work, and our educational materials with us wherever we go.Virtually gone are the days when we sat in libraries poring over stacks of books. Now, many educational materials can be downloaded onto tablets, and online training courses can be completed on tablets, as well as on smartphones. Technology has given us more freedom, and more ways to gain the knowledge and skills that better prepare us for how business is conducted in the global economy.

Companies Need To Invest in LMS Systems

Companies that want to leverage the benefits of blended learning need to remember these three letters: L M S. It stands for “learning management system.” Companies with an LMS in place can easily obtain or create their own online training courses, and distribute them easily to employees anywhere in the world. An LMS can significantly cut down on educational costs because it virtually eliminates the need to send employees to off-site seminars, or flying them to cities where training can only be obtained in person. Sure, there might still be times when the occasional trip is necessary, but blended learning makes it easier to learn more with less hassle. Moreover, an LMS makes it easy to track employee progress, so management knows how well their people are doing with this exciting educational concept.

Explore Blended Learning With Coggno

Coggno is a pioneer in the field of blended learning, with a library of thousands of online training courses that anyone can access. Companies and individuals rely on Coggno to provide training in many different categories.

When you purchase your online training at, you also gain access to our free LMS platform. Our LMS platform is compatible with all our courses, and allows them to be distributed to up to 10,000 employees.

Consider blended learning now, and allow Coggno to show you how easy it is to get started.


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