Bringing Learning Systems to the Students, Pt. 2


Bringing Learning Systems to the Students, Pt. 2

Bringing Learning Systems to the Students, Pt. 2Status updates on sites like Facebook, Yammer, Twitter and Friendfeed are an increasingly popular form of online communication. So much so, that people are starting to call it “email 2.0.” This burgeoning breed of real-time, pervasive internet is developing right before our eyes. In what form will it take in our learning systems, and the way in which students communicate with each other and with their professors?

Activity streams between students in a learning system might be developed in the same way that social networks are being created for companies and organizations. Activity streams–which include not only micro-updates and comments but features like video and photo sharing–are coming to replace many of the purposes which email once served. How might these streams be tapped into to form collaborative and interactive learning systems?

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