“Build It and They Will Come”


“Build It and They Will Come”

Tod Browndorf | Jan, 18 2013

I’m sure every one of us who has ventured towards entrepreneurship has heard this, phrased one way or another. And often, it is followed by, “I’ve jumped too late into the game” and “Everyone is selling it. I just can’t compete”. You hear of anecdotes of people getting to the point of struggling daily and eventually just giving up.

Well, guess what, these horror stories you heard?

They are all true.

The sooner you realize and acknowledge this, the sooner you can pick up the pieces and do something about it.

At Coggno we know this to be a real challenge and have found ourselves in the same dilemma. But we continue to thrive and, like most of you, we are halfway there. Having faced this struggle, and knowing that most of our clients are going through the same difficulty, we share with you the steps we have taken to address it and keep our momentum.

This endeavor will not be easy, but we will be with you every step of the way. We will be sharing tips, guides, how-tos, based from our own experience, that fit the niche you have chosen to focus on, which is online training and education.

Throughout the next coming weeks, Coggno will be launching its Syndication Marketing series that addresses the whole client-engagement cycle – from generating traffic, capturing leads, acquiring clients, converting clients to customers and growing and nurturing them in the process.

This is not an easy feat, but nothing ever worth it is. Coggno’s team will guide you and get you started.

We do not promise immediate success. We all know success doesn’t happen overnight. We promise, however, not to spam your inbox and, most importantly, that on each installment, you will come away with good, useful advice to aid your business.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there!

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