5 Top-Rated Bullying and Harassment Training Courses Online 2024

5 Top-Rated Bullying and Harassment Training Courses Online 2023

5 Top-Rated Bullying and Harassment Training Courses Online 2024

Anjali Dalal | Jun, 30 2023

Preventing and Addressing Workplace Bullying and Harassment 


Approximately 75% of workers have been affected by workplace bullying and harassment; a problem often swept under the carpet. And the surprising thing is these issues often go unaddressed in corporate settings. 

For this reason, the urgent need for bullying and harassment courses online can’t be overstated. 

This blog will explore five top-rated online courses designed to combat this workplace menace.

Harassment And Bullying: Managing Threats To A Respectful Work Culture, Manager (Course) 


What Is Bullying And Harassment?

Bullying and Harassment – At its core, bullying involves repeated intimidating or demeaning behavior towards an individual, which creates an oppressive work environment. 

Harassment, on the other hand, refers to any unwanted behavior of a sexual, racial, or discriminatory nature. 

Though distinct, bullying and harassment are two sides of the same coin. They both represent an abuse of power in the workplace. 

For instance, a team leader who constantly undermines a subordinate’s work in front of colleagues. That’s bullying! If the same team leader makes unwanted suggestive comments towards the subordinate, that’s harassment. 

Both scenarios represent an unacceptable breach of respect and dignity.

Workplace Violence Prevention Course 


What Is the Need for Online Bullying and Harassment Training?

Online bullying and harassment training provides essential skills and knowledge for maintaining workplace integrity. Here are five compelling reasons why such training is a must:

  1. Creating Awareness: Training raises awareness about what constitutes bullying and harassment, helping employees identify and report such behavior.
  2. Legal Compliance: Many regions mandate employers to provide bullying and harassment training. Online courses make compliance convenient.
  3. Workplace Culture: Education fosters a culture of respect and empathy, significantly reducing incidents of bullying and harassment.
  4. Prevention: Proactive training can prevent potential bullying and harassment incidents.
  5. Retaining Talent: Employees are likely to stay in a workplace where they feel safe, valued, and respected.

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5 Bullying And Harassment Certifications

Top-Rated Bullying and Harassment Training Courses Online 2023

Coggno, one of the renowned online training providers for bullying and harassment, offers comprehensive courses such as:

1. It’s All About Respect: Preventing Sexual Harassment & Bullying In The Workplace

It’s All About Respect: Preventing Sexual Harassment & Bullying In The Workplace is a comprehensive course by Living Development Corp. It educates employees about their rights and responsibilities. 

Furthermore, it also equips participants with the following: 

  • Essential tools to recognize harassment; 
  • Implement anti-harassment policies; 
  • Address accusations of harassment effectively. 

The course also focuses on the following key areas: 

  • Educating employees; 
  • Developing anti-harassment policies; 
  • Applying appropriate mediation procedures; 
  • Dealing with the aftermath of harassment 

The course in English can be conveniently bookmarked for easy access.

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2. Bullying And Harassment Course

The “Bullying and Harassment Course” from Channel 1 Creative Media is a must-have online course. The course focuses on promoting bullying, harassment, and discrimination-free workplace. 

Recognizing that such behaviors can impact self-esteem, confidence, and workplace morale, 

The course educates participants on the following: 

  • Definitions; 
  • Consequences; 
  • Appropriate responses to bullying

Whether you are a victim or witness, this 12-minute course provides crucial insights to handle such situations effectively. It’s part of an 18-part Office Induction series aimed at new and existing office workers. 

The course in English awards a certificate upon completion, marking an essential step in safeguarding a positive work environment.

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3. Harassment And Bullying: Managing Threats To A Respectful Work Culture, Employee (Course)

Harassment and Bullying: Managing Threats to A Respectful Work Culture, Employee” is a must-have online course developed by Syntrio. 

The course covers essential topics such as 

  • Quid pro quo sexual harassment; 
  • Hostile environment harassment and bullying. 

Furthermore, it offers practical ways to prevent and respond to such behavior. It also emphasizes the repercussions of retaliation against those who report misconduct or assist in investigations. 

This 27-minute course, delivered in English, comes with a certificate upon completion.

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4. Harassment And Bullying: Managing Threats To A Respectful Work Culture, Manager (Course)

Harassment and Bullying: Managing Threats to A Respectful Work Culture, Manager” is an engaging online course curated by Syntrio. 

Targeted at supervisors, it helps foster an understanding of issues like: 

  • Quid pro quo sexual harassment; 
  • Hostile environment harassment; 
  • Bullying 

Furthermore, it educates on preventing, responding to, and reporting these disruptive behaviors. It also delves into retaliation, an often-overlooked aspect of the issue. 

The 30-minute course is in English and comes with a certificate upon completion.

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5. Workplace Violence, Harassment And Bullying Online Training

Workplace Violence, Harassment and Bullying Online Training” is a pivotal course developed by Swift eLearning Services. It’s designed to empower employees, managers, and supervisors with the skills to 

  • Recognize; 
  • Prevent; 
  • Address such disruptive behaviors

Furthermore, the course delves into critical topics, including the following: 

  • Types of workplace violence; 
  • Harassment and bullying; 
  • The legal framework; 
  • Effective prevention strategies. 

It also emphasizes the detrimental impacts of these behaviors on individuals and the organization, such as decreased productivity and high employee turnover. This 150 minute course is in English and is conveniently bookmarkable for easy access.

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All the above courses offer bullying and harassment prevention programs designed to create a respectful and productive workplace environment.


Why Choose Coggno for Bullying and Harassment Certification?

With a plethora of options available, here are five reasons why Coggno stands out for bullying and harassment certification:


1. Comprehensive Courses: Coggno offers in-depth courses covering various scenarios and solutions.

2. Expert Content: Courses are developed by subject-matter experts, ensuring the training is relevant and effective.

3. Convenience: Coggno’s online platform allows you to learn from anywhere at your own pace.

4. Accreditation: Coggno provides accredited training, adding value to your professional portfolio.

5. Affordability: Coggno offers cost-effective courses without compromising on quality.


Ready to make a difference? Enroll in bullying and harassment courses online with Coggno.



In a world where the lines between acceptable and inappropriate behavior can often blur, Coggno provides the clarity you need. 

By purchasing bullying and harassment training courses from Coggno, you invest in personal growth and contribute to creating a safe, respectful, and positive work environment for everyone. 

Remember, tackling bullying and harassment starts with us. Let’s make our workplaces a better place together.


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