Burnish your Online Course for LMS Use, Pt. 1


Burnish your Online Course for LMS Use, Pt. 1

So you’ve gathered your materials and want to create an online course to host on a learning management system. Before submitting it to a courseware syndicator like Coggno, you’ll want to ensure that your course is designed and organized in its ideal format. Doug Madden of Honolulu Community College provides some criteria for an effective LMS course.

A good online academic course, of course, is based on the author’s expertise and personal experience. And because of the infinite rainbow of course subjects that exist, and the different kinds of online learners and pedagogical styles, not every criterion will necessarily apply to your LMS course. Remember that your good taste trumps any suggestion provided here.

In an online course where a mentor or teacher is involved, early communication with students is helpful. This includes pre-course basic training on how to navigate the online course and LMS as well as participate in collaborative systems. Another way to guide students in course navigation is through videos. Video tours like those of Coggno’s various features will walk your students through their new online environment and make them feel more comfortable when they get started.


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