Burnish your Online Course for LMS Use, Pt. 2


Burnish your Online Course for LMS Use, Pt. 2

One basic criterion for your online course is a thorough course syllabus, which should be presented before any online learning begins. Especially for students who have never taken an online personal development course before, and for whom collaborative learning, LMSs and other elements may be untypical, they need to know as early as possible what to expect from the course.

A syllabus should show, minimally, the number and title of the course; the instructor’s email, office or phone number; the course date, length, and expected involvement; the textbooks and other LMS materials needed for the course; an outline of the LMS and course format and a clear description of navigational aids in the course; a concise description of the course content; an evaluation plan; an exam and project schedule; an explanation of instructor expectations regarding participation; and an outline of how students are expected to interact using discussion boards, wikis, and other collaborative learning tools.


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