‘My business is lagging. Get me out of here!’ The Importance of Training Employees, Frequently.


‘My business is lagging. Get me out of here!’ The Importance of Training Employees, Frequently.

Janine Ordman | Feb, 14 2017

What does it take to stay competitive in business? There is no special formula, although one of the key components of succeeding in remaining relevant is keeping up with changing business- and technology trends, in addition to changes in legislation impacting on business. Pat Wadors from LinkedIn hypothesises that “…for organizations to win in the market, they must help their employees stay relevant in their skills. They also need to prepare the workforce to be agile and to adapt quickly to changes in the market.” A business may have hired the best and brightest and even employed someone youthful to give them insight into what the people of today would want from a business such as theirs – but these solutions do not take the future into account. To truly make a difference, employees at each organizational level would benefit from frequently receiving training relevant to the business and their day-to-day roles and responsibilities for the following three reasons:

Reason 1: Training improves employee productivity and efficacy

Employee competence not only leads to a better standard of work (thus happier clients and a good business reputation) but also ensures fewer unnecessary errors that could result in the loss of valuable time and money. In keeping up with industry trends and best practice through participating in updated training courses, a business is propelled ahead of the curve, which may even lead to setting new industry trends since innovation and knowledge are near-inseparable.

Reason 2: Training boosts employee satisfaction

Employees who receive access to opportunities to improve their skill sets not only experience more confidence in their ability to complete their work but also feel supported by their employers. This translates into a) employees who are less likely to seek opportunities elsewhere and who are more willing to go the extra mile, and b) employers who have a staff equipped to deal with whatever the industry throws at them, as opposed to having to hire ‘fresh blood’ each time a new skill is required.

Reason 3: A stitch in time saves nine

Technological advances in training delivery have made training simpler, more digestible for its end-user, easier to access and significantly less expensive. As such, businesses are no longer burdened with finding the time or the money to send their employees for specialized training. Online training platforms have neatly packaged everything a business of any size might require to not only stay up to date with Federal and Legislative requirements but also to equip employees with the skills they need to succeed in the modern workplace. By budgeting for and prioritizing frequent employee training, businesses will not have to scurry in the future in an attempt to catch up with other industry leaders.

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