Best Business Plan Courses and Certifications 2023

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Best Business Plan Courses and Certifications 2023

Anjali Dalal | Nov, 7 2023

Understanding the intricacies of crafting an effective business plan is essential. Business plan courses and certifications play a crucial role in this process. In this article, we will put down the 12 best business plan courses and certifications.


Why Do You Need A Business Plan?

A well-made business plan can:


Guide Your Business Strategy

A well-crafted business plan can help you make informed decisions and stay on course.


Attract Investors and Lenders

Investors and lenders often require a thorough business plan before committing to your venture. It demonstrates your seriousness and potential for success.


Set Clear Goals and Objectives

A business plan forces you to set clear, measurable goals. It makes it easier to track progress and adapt your strategies as needed.


12 Popular Business Plan Certification Programs At Coggno

12 popular business plan certification courses at Coggno:

  • Building A Business Plan Course
  • Strategic Business Planning: Strategy Formulation
  • Strategic Business Planning: Concept Profile
  • Strategic Business Planning: Preliminary Vision Mission Statements
  • Business Planning | All Modules
  • How To Write A Business Plan For Funding & Growth
  • High-Impact Business Planning Course
  • Strategic Business Planning: Strategy Implementation
  • Business Succession Planning (Course)
  • Business Succession Planning (Course)
  • Developing Your Business Plan


1. Building A Business Plan Course

This is a basic 25-minute English program that focuses on crafting a business plan and understanding its contents. It teaches employees whom it is intended for to create a backup plan for contingencies and offers insights into small business statistics. 

Upon finishing the course, participants receive a certificate.

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2. Strategic Business Planning: Strategy Formulation

This 60-minute employee-focused course highlights the significance of strategy formulation in achieving organizational goals. It covers essential aspects of strategic business planning, encompassing formulation, implementation, and evaluation. 

With this course, participants acquire theoretical and practical knowledge. It in turn enables them to refine their practices, enhance research skills, and analyze information from diverse sources.

This course doesn’t offer a certificate but is an unmissable course for those seeking to enhance their strategic planning abilities.

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3. Strategic Business Planning: Concept Profile

This 60-minute employee-focused course explores international business aspects. It emphasizes the importance of strategic business planning for proactive decision-making. It covers key theories like the Unified Theory of Business Strategy and the Levant program. The course also distinguishes between strategic business plans and traditional business plans, with a focus on long-term goals and marketplace positioning.

The course explains various levels of strategic planning involving top, middle, and operational management while highlighting traditional business planning components such as marketing analysis and financial modeling.

It doesn’t offer a certificate. But you must take this course if you are planning to improve your strategic abilities.

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4. Strategic Business Planning: Preliminary Vision Mission Statements

This 60-minute employee-oriented course delves into international business aspects. It underscores the importance of vision and mission statements in strategic business planning. 

The understanding of these statements can shape an organization’s strategic direction and values. The course does not offer a certificate. However, it provides learners with theoretical and practical knowledge to critically analyze information and tackle key challenges in the field. 

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5. Business Planning | All Modules

This comprehensive 400-minute English program is designed for employees, with a strong emphasis on the critical importance of strategic business planning for clarity, direction, and proactive decision-making. 

The course covers essential concepts that will help decision-makers to devise practical solutions for various challenges. Participants will also gain access to the Levant Planium—Pro software, complete with detailed instructions for crafting a strategic business plan.

Upon successful completion, participants receive a certificate.

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6. How To Write A Business Plan For Funding & Growth

This course is for employees seeking to acquire the skills for creating an effective business plan to secure funding and stimulate business growth. It guides participants through the following: 

  • crafting a compelling business plan; 
  • offering templates; 
  • numerous examples for comprehensive understanding. 

Additionally, it provides online support to address any questions related to the course materials. The course, conducted in English, awards a certificate upon completion and covers a wide range of topics, including:

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7. High-Impact Business Planning Course

This practical business planning course prioritizes simplicity and action-oriented plans. It is specifically designed for employees and conducted in English. While it doesn’t provide a certificate, it focuses on the following key topics:

  • Understanding the purpose of business planning.
  • Distinguishing between strategy, tactics, and operations.
  • Crafting a compelling vision statement.
  • Defining the keys to success in your business.
  • Developing powerful goals and objectives.
  • Creating business action plans.
  • Simplifying the budgeting process.

The course is aimed at assisting businesses in creating concise, three-page plans with one-page budgets. Its core emphasis is translating your vision into actionable steps and streamlining delegation to efficiently achieve your goals.

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8. Strategic Business Planning: Strategy Implementation

This 60-minute course, tailored for employees, delves into various aspects of international business with a specific focus on the critical phase of strategic implementation. 

It emphasizes the importance of effectively executing a strategy following its formulation, highlighting that even a well-devised strategy can fail without proper implementation.

Key points in the course encompass:

  • The commitment of the management team to the company’s strategy, vision, and mission.
  • Building and maintaining stakeholder relationships.
  • Allocating adequate resources, including human resources, for relevant tasks and projects.
  • Implementing a formal reporting method to monitor the strategy’s progress.
  • Maintaining flexibility to adapt to marketplace changes.

Although it doesn’t offer a certificate, it is a useful course for employees seeking a better understanding of the strategic implementation process.

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9. Business Succession Planning (Course)

This course highlights the critical importance of business succession planning for ensuring a company’s long-term survival and success. It goes beyond mere replacement planning, focusing on the effective preparation of individuals to assume leadership responsibilities during transitions.

Key course objectives include:

  • Defining business succession planning and its role within the company.
  • Establishing the foundations for developing a succession plan.
  • Recognizing the significance of mentorship in the process.
  • Defining and utilizing a SWOT analysis to establish goals.
  • Creating a plan, assigning roles, and executing it.
  • Communicating to garner support and manage change.
  • Anticipating obstacles, evaluating and adapting goals and plans.
  • Characterizing success within the context of succession planning.

The course lasts 60 minutes and provides a certificate upon completion. It also features audio narration.

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10. Business Succession Planning (Course)

This course highlights the significance of planning for leadership continuity within a company. It also underlines the potential risks of relying on a single person or a select few for leadership roles, including the possibility of their departure or loss.

Conducted in English and spanning a 60-minute duration, this course is designed for employees seeking to grasp the fundamentals of business succession planning. Although it does not provide a certificate, it is an excellent course for educating employees about the importance of succession planning in securing a business’s future success.

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11. Developing Your Business Plan

This short 5-minute course, designed for employees and conducted in English, highlights the significance of having a business plan, not just for new businesses or when seeking loans, but for all businesses. It offers insights into the creation, maintenance, and regular updating of a business plan.

Although it doesn’t provide a certificate, this course is a must-have for employees seeking to grasp the fundamentals of business planning.

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12. Business Strategy And Corporate Planning

This course provides employees with the opportunity to master skills related to strategic planning and corporate social responsibility in various business contexts.

The course delves into essential components of a company’s external environment, including industry and competitive analysis, the Five Forces framework, strategic group analysis, key success factors (KSFs), and the role of mission, vision, and values in the strategic planning process.

Conducted in English, it does not offer a certificate.

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In today’s world, where innovation and entrepreneurship are at the top of the agenda, it’s essential to have a solid business plan. Take the above courses and gain competencies to transform your business operations.

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