What Are The Legal Requirements For CA Sexual Harassment Prevention Training?

ca sexual harassment prevention training

What Are The Legal Requirements For CA Sexual Harassment Prevention Training?

Anjali Dalal | Feb, 12 2024

Legal Requirements For CA Sexual Harassment Prevention Training


Sexual harassment is an egregious offense, and its prevention is of paramount importance in any workplace. In California, the government has implemented a code section that mandates employers to provide sexual harassment prevention training to their employees. 

But what exactly are the legal requirements of the CA sexual harassment prevention training? How often must it be completed, and who must deliver it? 

Heighten your awareness of these crucial legal requirements by reading on to learn more!


Why Is CA Sexual Harassment Training Required?

Sexual harassment is taken seriously in California, and it is against the law. Despite increased awareness, workers still encounter harassment based on their sex or other protected characteristics. These trainings are mandated by law and intended to educate or remind all employees on appropriate workplace behavior.

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What Are The Sexual Harassment Prevention Training For California Requirements? 

Employers in California are legally obliged to train their employees on sexual harassment prevention and abusive conduct as per Government Code section 12950.1

Each non-supervisory personnel must receive a one-hour training every two years, whereas the supervisors need to undertake 2 hours of training during the same period. 

It is important to note that even if an employer has 5 or more employees working at different locations and not all of them work or live in California, the employer is still obligated to provide training to its California-based employees.

California Sexual Harassment Prevention Training For Supervisors (Course)


When Should Employees Receive Refresher California Sexual Harassment Training?

Employees must be retrained once every two years within two years of completing their final training or the lapse of the next training deadline. 


What Is The Training Requirement For New Employees, Both Non-Supervisory And Supervisory? 

Employers are not permitted to delay the deadline for new employees. New supervisory employees must be trained within six months of assuming their position, while new non-supervisory employees must be trained within six months of their hire.

California Sexual Harassment Prevention Training For Employees (Course)


Does Coggno’s Online Sexual Harassment Course in California Satisfy The Requirements Of Government Code Section 12950.1?

Coggno’s online sexual harassment courses in California are fully compliant with Government Code section 12950.1 requirements. Coggno offers online training covering these requirements and is available in multiple languages, including English and Spanish, for supervisors and non-supervisory personnel.


Are Employees Working Outside Of California Obligated To Undertake The CA Sexual Harassment Prevention Training? 

Employees outside of California are not obligated to receive training, though employees working inside and outside of California still count to determine if the employer needs to meet the requirements of Government Code section 12950.1. 


Who Bears The Cost Of Providing The Sexual Harassment Training In California? 

The employer is responsible for the cost of providing sexual harassment training in California.

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What Does California Law Specify Regarding The Completion Of This Training?

California law specifies that employees must be offered the necessary anti-harassment training and not be required to complete it on their own time. 


What If The Employees Are Seasonal, Temporary, Or Otherwise Work For Less Than Six Months?

Employers must provide training to employees who have been employed for less than six months within 30 calendar days of hire or 100 hours worked, whichever comes first. Employers should not provide training to employees employed for fewer than 30 calendar days and working less than 100 hours.

If an employee is hired to work for under six months but has not worked in the 30 calendar days after being hired, the “hire date” is the first day of work.

If a temporary employee is employed by a temporary services employer to perform services for clients, the training shall be provided by the temporary services employer, not the client.

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Do Employers Need To Train Independent Contractors, Volunteers, And Unpaid Interns?

Independent contractors, volunteers, and unpaid interns are not required to undergo training, but employers may consider it a good practice. 

However, while they do not require the same training, independent contractors, volunteers, and unpaid interns must be counted in determining whether an employer meets the threshold of requiring five employees to meet the harassment training requirements.


What If An Employee Received Training In Compliance With Section 12950.1 from another employer within the prior two years? Do They Have To Be Trained Again?

If the employee has completed sexual harassment prevention training that satisfies the requirements of Government Code section 12950.1 within the last two years, employers need not mandate the training again. 

Instead, such employees must read and confirm receipt of the employer’s anti-harassment policy within six months of assuming the new position. The applicable two-year period is based on the employee’s last training completed. The current employer is responsible for ensuring that previous training complies with the law.


Are Employers Required To Provide Bystander Intervention Training For Their Employees?

Although bystander intervention training is not legally required, employers may consider providing it to demonstrate how to recognize and address potential inappropriate behavior in the workplace.

Bystander Intervention (Course)


Does A Trainer Who Is Also An Employee Need To Receive Sexual Harassment Prevention Training?

An individual who is a qualified training provider according to California Code of Regulations, Title 2, section 11024(a)(A), and who provides the training does not need to engage in a different sexual harassment prevention training to meet the training requirements of their employer.

California Sexual Harassment Prevention Training For Employees (Course)


What Documentation Is Required For Those Who Have Completed The Training?

Employers must keep all documentation about their employee training for at least two years. Documentation should include: 

  • Employees’ names who received training; 
  • Type of training; 
  • Date of training; 
  • Sign-in sheet used (if employed), 
  • All certificates of participation (if issued); 
  • Name of the training provider on the employer’s premises. 

Note: Coggno is not responsible for documenting the employee’s training details. 


Get Started With Coggno

If you are seeking a dependable training provider that offers the California sexual harassment training certificate, Coggno has you covered. Our online sexual harassment prevention training courses will enable your employees to comply with the relevant laws in Government Code section 12950.1 and receive the best possible interactive and computer-based training. 

Opting for Coggno will guarantee that your organization stays up-to-date with the most recent legal requirements and ensures that your employees obtain the necessary sexual harassment training California certificate.

Footnote: This blog is for informational purposes and should not be construed as substantive policy or rights or be viewed as legal advice.


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