, A Governmental Learning System

Governmental-Learning-System, A Governmental Learning System, A Governmental Learning SystemBarack Obama’s use of the internet to reach out to Americans didn’t end with his campaign. Through a website called, Obama plans to provide a comprehensive learning system guide to the presidential transition process.

Also on the website, the Governmental Accountability Office has listed the 13 most urgent issues that President-elect Obama will soon face, including the economic crisis and the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, the website’s blog will serve as a political learning system, documenting the transition process as well as providing biographies and background on the people Obama is recruiting.

The creation of the website is widely perceived as part of Obama’s pledge to make the process of governing more transparent. The website will provide an interactive learning system for all U.S. citizens, soliciting suggestions about their vision for America, as well as letting them apply for posts within the new administration. What changes would you like to see in the U.S.?

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