Wanna be a Grammar Nazi? Complete Distance Learning to improve your proofreading skills


Wanna be a Grammar Nazi? Complete Distance Learning to improve your proofreading skills

Tod Browndorf | Aug, 19 2014

Distance learning is a valuable resource for proofreaders and copy-editors, professions which are in high demand in today’s global market place.

However,  these valuable skills are often needed in environments where coworkers or clients are not able to do their own editing, and therefore on-the-job training is often lacking.

Many proofreaders and copy-editors are self-taught and have little formal training.

What are the best proofreading distance learning options?

Online training can consolidate and expand upon skills which have been developed on-the-job through trial and error. Distance learning in proofreading and copy-editing is a great option for people already doing this work who would like to brush up on their skills. Most courses also involve theory and context, helping learners understand editorial tasks in the context of the complex publishing process.

Levels of copy-editing eLearning

There are three standard levels of copy-editing training: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Beginner courses are for well suited to those who have an interest in copy-editing but have no formal work or education in copy-editing. An intermediate level is appropriate for those who have been copy-editing for a year or more. An advanced level is meant for those who have already had formal education in copy-editing or proofreading and who simply want to polish their skills.

Who enrolls in copy-editing courses?

An LMS distance learning course in copy-editing is useful not only for people currently working in the industry, but also for those editors who are experienced but who are out of practice, such as in-house staff who have taken on other roles within an organization, or people with a background in editing.

Why knowing “the rules” doesn’t cut it

To be an efficient copy-editor, you need to develop strategies to maximize your existing skills. That’s where online learning comes in: to help you organize and expand your understanding.

Knowing “the rules” of grammar, punctuation, form, etc. is only part of the big picture. To be a copy-editor or proofreader you must also possess the self-confidence and organizational skills to put these rules into practice. An e-learning course in copy-editing teaches critical skills which you can offer to your clients to make you a highly depended-upon asset to their work.

What you’ll learn

An online course in copy-editing will teach you, among other things, how to: interpret your client’s instructions, even when they are unclear or difficult to understand; propose solutions rather than seek help from your client or other sources; be decisive; take control of the situation and all the details involved in the work; and give your work a complete and professional touch.

If you are a copy-editor who has experience and expertise in your field and are considering creating online training courses for proofreading or copy-editing, check out Coggno’s simple online course creator toolkit. The simple user interface and fast delivery make distance learning creation or in-house training content development easy and fast.


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