Corporate eLearning: Do You Know Why Pictures Help Us Learn?


Corporate eLearning: Do You Know Why Pictures Help Us Learn?

Erica Caramol | Dec, 19 2016

Everyone has sat through a dry, boring training that leaves everyone in the room struggling to stay awake until the end of the class. Think back and ask yourself, how did you feel when you walked out of the classroom that day?

Too often, corporate training is structured with a group of employees in a conference room, and a single trainer droning on in the front of the room. Just because this training style has been the standard for so long, doesn’t mean that you need to subject your employees to go through this same experience.

Today we have access to a variety of training tools that can transform the way learning can occur in the workplace. It is important to consider the benefits of using visual and interactive learning methods to incorporate the learning styles of everyone in the room.

Visual Cues to Boost Learning

After ongoing research and study, it has been found that visual stimulation during the learning experience can improve retention and application of the principle that is taught. If you consider the way the brain functions, it makes sense that visual learning is an effective way to teach a principle.

Researchers have found that the brain is an image processor. A large portion of the sensory cortex is devoted to visual processing, with a much smaller portion of the brain being dedicated to word processing.

When words come into the brain, the information is abstract, making it difficult for the brain to comprehend and retain the details. On the other hand, visual representations are easy to remember because they are concrete and affect a different area of the brain.

Grouping and Organizing Content with Visual Representations

When content is grouped and organized in a visual manner, your employees will be able to see how the content is related to the overall principle. These visual representations help each individual to make a connection to prior knowledge, solidifying the long-term retention of the concept.

As these connections are solidified, critical thinking can be an effective way to analyze the information. You can choose a variety of visual representations, including concept maps, sketches, illustrations, photos, icons, symbols, and more. If you want to maximize corporate eLearning, you need to ensure that visual education is included.

Cater Your Training for all Learning Styles

No matter the size of the group, you will have people with different learning styles within each room. Some people will have the ability to quickly process and internalize a concept with a basic explanation. But, more often there will be employees that need a detailed education that incorporates different learning styles.

To maximize the results of your training, the best method is to provide multiple learning modalities in your class offering. Instead of only talking about a concept or idea, also look for ways that you can teach through images, videos, sound, and interactive activities.

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