Courseware System Rewards and Incentives


Courseware System Rewards and Incentives

Courseware System Rewards and Incentives

An important game feature to include in your courseware system is the allowance for trial and error. If a student fails to successfully complete a level, he or she should be given another chance or multiple chances until it’s completed. If a student fails at the third level, allow him or her to start over at the third level. A student shouldn’t have to begin again at level one.

Additionally, sure to include rewards, feedback, and motivation for your courseware system students. Most computer and video games have a system of points, lives, and boosters to provide the player with a sense of how they’re doing, as well as make them feel good if they’re performing well. Making it easy to score points or secure boosters or bonuses will encourage your courseware system learner to keep going, as well as make his or her learning experience more rewarding and fun.

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