Courseware System Text


Courseware System Text

Courseware System TextEveryone has different views on font styles. These views range from complete indifference to near-fanaticism. Recently I was at a party where an offhanded remark about a certain font (it was Garamond 12) launched into a ten-minute conversation about the beauty and intrigue of different fonts. It was, as you might imagine, interrupted and cut short by a totally unimpressed font outsider who just didn’t get it.

Regardless of your personal views on font styles, they’re an important consideration in courseware system development. Choose carefully the font type, color and size. You’ll want something easily legible for all courseware system users, without straining the eye. Gather opinions from colleagues, friends and family–which font is easier to read? Do extensive tests like an optometrist, gathering font preferences to use as reference points for your courseware system development.

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