Cutting Down on LMS Course Distractions, Pt. 2


Cutting Down on LMS Course Distractions, Pt. 2

Once you have determined how many hours a day you’re wasting online, try to whittle this amount down to a half hour daily. Spend these 30 minutes after you’ve completed some LMS work. Consign all the time-wasting activities to this half hour, and try setting an alarm clock to let you know when your time is up.

Another solution is to go offline whenever possible. Download your LMS or online courseware materials and close your browsers, opening only the documents you need to work. Take your laptop an internet-less café or some part of the house where the Wi-Fi is weak, and dive in on your LMS materials or other work. You may find it shocking just how much you can get done when the internet isn’t beckoning you off-course!

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