Cutting Edge Online Courseware and Virtual Learning


Cutting Edge Online Courseware and Virtual Learning

Cutting Edge Online Courseware and Virtual LearningFor private schools, how important is keeping up with cutting edge technology? Is the use of online courseware and blended learning environments a testament to the quality of a school’s education system?

The private high school I attended was certainly not known for its facilities. Our computer lab was a small, anciently-equipped place, and there was certainly no online courseware to be found. But times are changing, and with a faltering economy affecting families’ pockets, private schools are marketing themselves more competitively.

For instance, Avonbourne Business and Enterprise College, a girls’ secondary school in the UK, now boasts a high-tech virtual reality studio. The studio includes a video conferencing center, a projection room, a laptop suite for online courseware, and various virtual learning experiences. Using 3D glasses, students can explore a virtual Tudor town or study the movements of a volcano. “The world is changing,” says one Avonbourne educator, “and we need to respond in how we’re educating our children today.”

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