Designing a Courseware System Logo, Pt. 2


Designing a Courseware System Logo, Pt. 2

Designing a Courseware System Logo, Pt. 2When designing a logo for your courseware system, you’ll want to first understand the history, nature, definition and function of logos. Your logo is the image embodying your courseware system, representing its content and fostering immediate customer recognition. Logos can be a name (logotype), an icon, sign or emblem (ideograms). Most logos are a combination of the two. Ideograms are sometimes recognizable without a name, like the McDonald’s arc, or the Red Cross. Ideograms are especially useful for logos of organizations that are being marketed in different alphabets, but logotypes can also be designed in a way that is instantly recognizable in different languages.

Though some companies and organizations hire a graphic designer to design their logo for them, it’s not necessary to do so. Since you’ve already designed an entire courseware system, why not add your personal touch by designing your own logo?

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