Different Ways Mobile Learning Adds Value For Your Remote Employees

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Different Ways Mobile Learning Adds Value For Your Remote Employees

Rochelle van Rensburg | Jul, 28 2020

With growing numbers of staff working remotely, many learning and development teams are searching for ways to help their workers with online training courses in this new world. Although in-person training might be on pause for the moment, there are plenty of ways to continue online training courses for employees. One trend that has already evolved in recent years is a switch to mobile learning, where workers use their mobile devices to do online training courses and to brush up on new skills.

The online learning market is expected to hit $275 billion by 2022, and the mobile learning products and services market is projected to rise to $70 billion by 2020, according to eLearning Industry.

In an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, Shelley Osborne, Udemy’s vice president of learning, was quoted as saying, “Online learning is truly mainstream now. It’s been moving that way for a long time, but based on what we’re seeing right now, we think it’s likely that these shifts will remain even after we return to some level of normalcy.”

The rapid rise in popularity of mobile learning makes sense- it is straightforward and available for almost everyone. As a Training Industry article states, “This shift in the portability and accessibility of educational content is largely explained by the mobile learning theory, which suggests that when training is offered across locations, times and topics, students interweave learning with their everyday activities.” In this post, we will discuss why mobile learning is advantageous for online corporate training courses, especially regarding employees who are involved.

1. Mobile learning is always available

The majority of individuals have access to a smartphone: The eLearning Industry reports 80% of people have a smartphone, and 90% of millennials have their mobile on them at all times. And it’s not just the fact that people have their phones with them — according to Training Industry, they are constantly communicating with those apps, touching them every two minutes or 2,617 times a day.

Given that people already have their smartphones accessible implies that it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to develop a habit to complete online training courses on those devices. In reality, the Training Industry estimates that 96% of modern learners consume new knowledge from smartphones, and 76% prefer online tools over other methods of learning.

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2. Mobile learning lets learners set their own pace

Since learners have their mobiles available at almost any moment of the day means they can fit online training courses if they have a few moments of downtime. Online corporate training courses in short bursts can be easier to incorporate into a busy schedule while at the same time promoting a sense of success for smaller, more achievable goals. Workplace productivity coach Melissa Gratias is a micro productivity supporter. She says, “Breaking tasks down helps us to see large tasks as more approachable and doable, and reduces our propensity to procrastinate or defer tasks because we simply don’t know where to begin.” 

Likewise, it has been shown to improve retention by splitting the online training courses into short, repetitive bursts, also known as “spaced learning.” According to an article on spaced learning from the Association for Talent Development, “Designing learning so that activities can be tackled in short bursts, spaced over time, may not only help learners remember over time but also reduce the need for large blocks of time away from the workplace to learn in the first place. It is likely to be particularly helpful for busy learners on the go, who can use mobile devices to access spaced learning in short bursts of ‘found time’.”

3. Mobile learning is easy to customize

In the digital world, personalization has become part of daily life, and the same forms of recommendation software that suggest our favorite tunes, movies, or television shows are recreating the learning experience. Staff is now able to browse through topics and courses that are related to their preferences, habits, and ambitions in a unique way. In the L&D context, machine learning and algorithms drive personalization to create learning journeys and provide suggestions based on the experience of the learners.

Personalization can be used to create a personal experience related to the work and preferences of the learner, and can also occur in mobile learning in the form of personalized experiences from team members, supervisors and peers to support each other through on boarding, mastering a new ability, or mental health. 

Mobile learning is taking advantage of the fact that most of us already have our smartphones at our fingertips and can easily indulge in fast learning or practice bursts. In a time and place that is convenient and personal, learners can interact with content, and set reminders to ensure they achieve their goals. 

It is particularly important, as workers work remotely and away from the traditional office environment, and it’s safe to say the benefits of mobile learning are here to stay.

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