Driving In The US: Need, Essential Safety Tips and Coggno Online Courses

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Driving In The US: Need, Essential Safety Tips and Coggno Online Courses

Anjali Dalal | Dec, 12 2023

Driving In The US: 12 Online Courses And 10 Tips For Safe Driving


Driving is an everyday necessity for many individuals in the United States. Whether commuting to work, running errands, or getting on road trips, one has to drive. 

However, with the convenience of driving comes the responsibility of keeping both yourselves and others on the road safe. And it rings more true when driving on highways and busy roads.

Why, let’s see. 


What Is The Need For Safety In The United States?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), around 20000 people lost their lives in crashes on US roadways in the first half of 2023. These statistics highlight the importance of adopting safe driving practices to reduce accidents and safeguard lives.

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10 Essential Safety Tips For Drivers

Below are the ten safety tips for drivers:

  • Stay Focused And Alert
  • Adhere To Speed Limits
  • Maintain A Safe Distance
  • Regular Vehicle Maintenance
  • Buckle Up For Safety
  • Avoid Fatigue
  • Obey Traffic Laws
  • Stay Calm And Patient
  • Be Mindful Of Blind Spots
  • Weather And Road Conditions Awareness


1. Stay Focused And Alert

Avoid texting, eating, or adjusting the radio while driving. Stay mentally engaged by scanning the road, checking mirrors, and being aware of your surroundings.

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2. Adhere To Speed Limits

Follow posted speed limits, especially in high-traffic areas or construction zones. Adjust speed according to weather conditions, reducing speed in rain, fog, or snow

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3. Maintain A Safe Distance

Keep a safe following distance between your vehicle and the one in front, allowing ample reaction time. Use the “three-second rule” to gauge distance—pick a stationary object, and when the car ahead passes it, count to three; your vehicle should not pass the object before you finish counting.

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4. Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Ensure brakes, tires, lights, and fluids are checked and properly maintained. Regularly inspect and maintain your vehicle’s functionality to prevent unexpected breakdowns.


5. Buckle Up For Safety

Always wear seat belts and ensure all passengers do the same. Utilize appropriate car seats for children, following safety guidelines based on age, weight, and height.

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6. Avoid Fatigue

Get adequate rest before long drives to stay alert and avoid drowsiness. Take breaks every couple of hours during extended trips to stretch and re-energize.


7. Obey Traffic Laws

Respect traffic signals and stop signs, and yield the right-of-way as required. Avoid reckless behavior such as running red lights or making illegal turns.

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8. Stay Calm And Patient

Practice patience during heavy traffic or congested areas, avoiding aggressive driving behaviors. Maintain a calm demeanor to react appropriately to unexpected situations.


9. Be Mindful Of Blind Spots

Check blind spots by adjusting mirrors and performing shoulder checks before changing lanes or making turns. Signal intentions clearly to alert other drivers.


10. Weather And Road Conditions Awareness

Stay informed about weather forecasts and road conditions, especially during inclement weather. Adjust driving behavior accordingly, using caution in adverse situations.

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12 Best Driving Safety Courses Online (Top Picks by Coggno)

Below are some of the best courses that can help you stay safe on the road.


1. Driving Safety: Tailgating (US) Course

Duration: 9 min | Language: English | Certificate: Yes

This course educates US drivers on the dangers of tailgating and offers strategies to avoid it. Ideal for employees, it covers tailgating risks, prevention techniques, and the importance of safe following distances. 

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2. Driving Safety: Changing Lanes (US) Course

Duration: 14 min | Language: English | Certificate: Yes

This course is for US drivers and supervisors. It focuses on safe lane changes and passing techniques. It covers safety cushion maintenance, blind zone minimization, and safe merging that will help participants confidently navigate traffic scenarios.

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3. DOT Vehicle And Roadside Inspections (US) Course

Duration: 9 min | Language: English | Certificate: Yes

Tailored for commercial truck drivers and personnel, this course emphasizes pre-operation vehicle checks, enforcement inspection awareness, safety protocols, and identification of corrective actions. 

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4. Stop Signs And Signals – Light Commercial Vehicles (US) Course

Duration: 12 min | Language: English | Certificate: Yes

This course emphasizes the dangers of disregarding stop signs and signals for light commercial vehicle drivers. Covering consequences, proper stopping techniques at intersections and railroad crossings, and strategies to resist ignoring signals promote safer driving practices. 

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5. Stop Signs And Signals – Large Vehicles (US) Course

Duration: 11 min | Language: English | Certificate: Yes

Made for large commercial vehicle drivers, this course emphasizes the dangers of disregarding stop signs and signals. It covers consequences, proper stopping at intersections and railroad crossings, and strategies to resist ignoring signals. 

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6. Road Rage Awareness Course

Duration: 9 min | Language: English | Certificate: Yes

This course focuses on recognizing and avoiding road rage for all drivers. It covers identifying aggressive driving, common triggers, traits of drivers prone to road rage, and strategies to prevent it. 

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7. Extreme Driving Conditions (US) Course

Duration: 22 min | Language: English | Certificate: Yes

This course caters to all employees, focusing on safe driving amidst extreme weather conditions. Covering factors for safe driving in adverse weather, handling varied road surfaces, winter weather driving actions, speed reduction techniques for different weather conditions, and preparations for driving in scorching weather. 

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8. Avoiding Rear-End Collisions – Light Vehicles (US) Course

Duration: 25 min | Language: English | Certificate: Yes

Tailored for drivers of light commercial vehicles, this course addresses the severity of rear-end collisions and how to mitigate the risks. It covers the six major contributing factors to such accidents, methods to avoid colliding with the vehicle in front, and strategies to reduce the risk of being rear-ended. 

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9. Avoiding Rear-End Collisions – Large Vehicles (US) Course

Duration: 27 min | Language: English | Certificate: Yes

This course is designed for large vehicle drivers, emphasizing the severity of rear-end collisions and mitigation strategies. It covers the six primary factors contributing to such accidents, techniques to avoid collisions with the vehicle in front, and methods to decrease the risk of being rear-ended. 

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10. 15-Passenger Van Safety Course

Duration: 16 min | Language: English | Certificate: Yes

Tailored for 15-passenger van drivers, this course highlights the unique challenges of driving such vehicles. It covers the differences between van and car driving, optimal loading techniques, adjustments required in driving styles, and handling potentially hazardous conditions. 

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11. Driver Fatigue (US) Course

Duration: 22 min | Language: English | Certificate: Yes

Focused on transportation safety, this course educates employees on the dangers of driver fatigue. It covers differentiating between drowsiness and fatigue, identifying associated risks, categorizing contributing factors, recognizing signs of a fatigued driver, and implementing preventive techniques. 

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12. Driver Safety Training For Workers 3.0 Course

Duration: 30 min | Language: English | Certificate: Yes

This course aims to educate workers on safe driving techniques and implementing a Motor Vehicle Safety Program. It covers topics including Distracted Driving at Work, Driver Fatigue on the Job, Safe Driving Practices for Employees, and guidance on establishing a Motor Vehicle Safety Program. Successful completion provides a certificate of completion. 

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Why Choose Coggno?

Coggno stands as a premier online marketplace for enterprise training. We offer a multitude of courses designed to meet diverse learning needs. 

Here’s why opting for Coggno to access these courses is a wise decision:


Diverse Course Offerings 

Coggno provides access to a wide range of courses, including this specialized driver safety training, catering to various industries and skill levels.


Reputable Content

Courses on Coggno are curated from trusted sources, ensuring credibility and relevance.


Online Access 

Offering online training means it’s accessible anytime, anywhere, accommodating learners’ schedules and preferences.


Multi-Device Compatibility 

Coggno’s platform is optimized for various devices, allowing seamless learning experiences on computers, tablets, or smartphones.


Expert-Driven Content 

Courses on Coggno, including this driver safety training, are developed by industry experts, guaranteeing quality and adherence to best practices.


Certificates Of Completion

Successful course completion on Coggno results in certificates, adding value to learners’ credentials and proving compliance with necessary training.


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Bottom Line

Now that you know that prioritizing safety while driving is important to prevent accidents, please take the training today and be a responsible driver. Furthermore, by following the above-mentioned essential driver safety tips, you can contribute to a safer driving environment for everyone on the road. 


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