eBook Online Courseware Security


eBook Online Courseware Security

eBook Online Courseware SecurityBesides creating easy-to-use, comfortable and convenient eBook reader models, more will have to be done to convince the public to switch from their traditional paper books. Many people regard the shift in a similar way to learning material like online courseware. That is, although there may be something special about a paper-bound book (or a face-to-face learning environment), the format isn’t really what’s important–it’s the content and availability. The ability to choose from a vast collection of works, cheaply, will reel people in.

Those of us who depend on the internet, whether we’re online courseware students or internet socializers, are used to depending on information that’s floating around in that amorphous “cloud” of data. But many people keep very little information on the internet. Some might fear that if some terrible, apocalyptic disaster were to catapult us into a primitive state, all those precious stories, not to mention learning tools like online courseware, would disappear into thin, cloudless air.


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