eBook Reader in Online Courseware Future, Pt. 4


eBook Reader in Online Courseware Future, Pt. 4

eBook Reader in Online Courseware Future, Pt. 4The shortcomings of today’s eBook readers will need to be overcome in order to secure their place in the online courseware world. One feature that eBook readers will need is integrated animation and video. In regular books, photos are sometimes designated to the middle of the book, where they’re bunched together to save on reproduction costs. But in eBooks, including photos and videos shouldn’t be pricey. Creating more interactive eBook readers will be essential to keep up with increasingly engaging online courseware.

Suitable digital rights management and intellectual property protection are aspects that will also need to be ensured in eBook readers. Purdy suggests providing an open standard for eBook publishing that’s “cross-device, cross-publisher and includes DRM–all at reasonable prices…then people will gladly pay for the privilege of enjoying reading that really good story.” The rights of online courseware developers, authors and publishers will thus be protected.


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